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Eagles coaching candidate profile: Doug Pederson, Chiefs offensive coordinator

This is the latest in our series of profiles on prospective Philadelphia Eagles coaching candidates.

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Bleeding Green Nation is profiling all the potential candidates for the Eagles head coaching position in 2016.

Doug Pederson


Well traveled as a player, Doug Pederson is the latest Andy Reid protege to make the rounds as a potential and possibly eventual head coach. Within Reid's system he has worked his way up the ladder with the Eagles and Chiefs, and has been a part of some successful offenses as a coach. As a player, Eagles fans are familiar with him as Donovan McNabb's seat warmer in McNabb's rookie year. He is reportedly a candidate for the Eagles, and also reportedly not a candidate.


2005-2008 Calvary Baptist Academy HS (head coach)
2009-2010 Philadelphia Eagles (quality control)
2011-2012 Philadelphia Eagles (quarterbacks)
2013-present Kansas City Chiefs (offensive coordinator)

Why he could be the guy

In Jeffrey Lurie's press conference explaining why he fired Chip Kelly, he made strong overtures to trying to recapture the glory days of the Andy Reid era. Pederson is not the only potential candidate with experience during those days, but he does have the unique experience of having worked with Reid as both a player and a coach. As a player, Pederson was a backup in Green Bay, where he won a Super Bowl and for his last two seasons there Andy Reid was his quarterback coach. The two teamed up the next year when Pederson was the starter for the first nine games of the 1999 season.

As a coach, Pederson has spent his entire NFL career under Reid, joining the Eagles staff in 2009 and then moving up to quarterback coach in 2011. In 2011 Mike Vick put up a career high 3,303 passing yards and the Eagles offense put up a then team record 6,386 total yards. Joining Reid in Kansas City, where Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles, and made the Pro Bowl, and Charles made All Pro. The Chiefs finished 6th, 16th and 9th in scoring, though 21st, 25th and 27th in yards. The Chiefs low yard totals are in part due to their defense, which has been excellent, giving them short fields. The Chiefs offense has been 15th, 12th and 6th in DVOA.

As a player and coach he's been with Andy Reid for the highs and lows, and has intimate knowledge of what it is like to both coach and play for the Eagles. That could have a certain appeal to the Eagles.

Why he might not work

Pederson is the least experienced candidate we have profiled, (Duce Staley is the least experienced candidate they have interviewed or will interview) and aside from a few years as a high school head coach, all of that limited experience has come under Andy Reid. Reid's coaching tree has solid coaching tree, but all of his coaches spent years before or after working with Reid establishing themselves, Pederson hasn't. The deficiencies in his resume are not balanced by other factors. No experience as a play caller isn't a disqualifier, but the only playbook he can really bring to the table is Andy Reid's. If the Eagles would prefer a coach with familiarity with the halcyon days of the Reid era, there is little to go on that indicates that he is better qualified than Pat Shurmur, who is both more experienced and has the advantage of continuity with the current roster.

Final thoughts

Hiring Doug Pederson would be a significant run back to the familiar times of the Reid era. His limited experience and almost non-existent range of experiences are a significant turn-off. His biggest selling point would have to be vision and leadership, and he would have to thoroughly impress to warrant consideration for a head coach position. Pederson may one day be a head coach, and maybe even a good one. But he likely needs more experience outside of the shadow of Reid to establish himself.

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