Fixing the Eagles Roster: The Quarterback

With the Eagles finishing the season off with a win on Sunday against a mediocre New York Giants squad; the Eagles head into the offseason without their Head Coach of three years: Chip Kelly. After being granting personal control this past offseason, Kelly made a series of bold roster moves. Amongst these moves was trading the Eagles all-time leading rusher, LeSean McCoy, to the Buffalo Bills for a promising but injury-prone Linebacker, Kiko Alsonso. To replace McCoy, Chip spared no expense in signing 2014 lead rusher, DeMarco Murray, along with halfback Ryan Matthews.

The Eagles had high hopes going into the season. But due to a lack of coaching, scheming, performance, or a combination of all three, the once high flying Eagles limped across the Regular Season finish line at an embarrassing 7-9. Kelly was fired the Tuesday after being eliminated from the playoffs in a week 16 lob-sided loss to the Redskins, leaving the the roster a chaotic mess. This is the start of a series of posts called "Fixing the Eagles". This weeks addition will focus on the Quarterback position.

The starting quarterback slot has been a mess ever since Andy Reid ditched Donovan McNabb after the 2010 season. Kelly traded for Sam Bradford this past offseason and after a shaky performance all season long, he is an upcoming free agent. This gives the Eagles a lot of options going into the offseason. Here are my picks on who the Eagles should possibly make a move on:

1. Sam Bradford:

The Eagles resign Sam Bradford to a 2-year deal. With Bradford struggling for the majority of the season, He did little to live up the preseason expectations of him. Though I wasn't impressed with Bradford, He improved as the season progressed. The Eagles ought to put an offer on the table but nothing more than a 2-year deal. They should see if he can play at a high level, though they shouldn't be married to him. it would seem unlikely that he would sign a small contract though, since he has been seeking a huge deal since before the season.

2. A.J McCarron (Cincinnati Bengals):

McCarron has played exceptionally in the absence of Andy Dalton. He could be a diamond in the rough, showing flashes occasionally. With Dalton as the future of the Bengals, there will be little room for growth and opportunity to play in Ohio. The Eagles should look to trade for the young QB. The Eagles trade a 4th round pick and Marcus Smith to the Bengals for A.J. McCarron and a conditional 6th round pick. This trade would get them McCarron while getting rid of sub-par Smith who was unjustly drafted in the 1st round of the 2014 Draft.

3. Brock Osweiler (Denver Broncos):

I LOVE Brock Osweiler. The 6'8" QB is strong, stands in the pocket, and makes clean, sharp passes. But he also makes mistakes that show his very young age. Osweiler has stepped in and really played well for Denver while Peyton Manning was recovering from injury. The young giant led the Broncos past the New England Patriots and the Andy Dalton-less Bengals. Taking the seniority of Peyton Manning into factor, I doubt Denver will let the young talent slip into the free agent pool this summer but if he does the Eagles should strongly pursue him. The Eagles sign Brock Osweiler to a 4-year deal worth $18 million dollars.

4. Robert Griffin III (Washington Redskins):

RG3 went from hero to zero in what seemed only a second. The former 2nd overall pick has not been the same since his rookie year. He hasn't been able to stay healthy and perform over the past two seasons, leading to his benching and the rise of Kirk Cousins. With Cousins solidified as the Redskins QB for at least the upcoming season, The Redskins may look to trade the former rookie sensation that they paid so much to get. If this were to happen Philly should be interested. Though seemingly more of a fit in a Chip Kelly offense, Griffin has proven that he can play in this league. He has the speed and mobility along with good accuracy and a monster cannon for an arm. If Griffin can get to a place where the front office will keep his ego in check, I believe he could flourish. The Eagles trade a 3rd round pick and a conditional 5th round pick to Washington for Robert Griffin III. Washington may be willing to let Griffin go for cheap if only to rid themselves of a very embarrassing chapter in their recent history.

Any of these four could help the Eagles next season. Only time will tell who will be under center for the Eagles next season. Comment on who you think the Eagles should pursue.