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NFL coaching rumors: Mike Shanahan reached out to the Eagles

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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

At least one former NFL head coach is interested in Philadelphia's head coaching vacancy. According to one report, Mike Shanahan actually reached out to the Eagles toe express interest in returning to football.

But then there's this:

If the 63-year-old coach is on the fence about returning, that's obviously not going to be very appealing.

There's no indication the Eagles share a mutual interest in Shanahan, who most recently coached the Washington Redskins from 2010-2013.

Shanahan obviously have a wealth of experience and success. He's 169-137 as a head coach, including two Super Bowl wins.

Jeffrey Lurie did say the Eagles will consider retired coaches. I doubt Shanahan is a strong candidate, but maybe the Eagles will at least talk to him before saying "No thanks."