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Eagles Rumors: Fletcher Cox among several players currently negotiating contracts with Philadelphia

The Eagles are trying to lock up their young talent.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles rewarded Zach Ertz with a five-year contract extension on Monday. It doesn't sound like executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman is going to stop there. More deals are rumored to be on the way. Here's an update on some key Eagles players.

Lane Johnson

Multiple reports indicate this extension could get done very soon. In a recent interview, Johnson told PhillyVoice he's currently negotiating with the Eagles. Last week, named Johnson as one of three players the Eagles are trying to re-sign. Now Ed Kracz of The Intelligencer is reporting on a timeline for the deal.

Sources have indicated offensive lineman Lane Johnson could have a contract extension in place by the end of the week. Johnson was the Eagles’ first-round draft pick in 2013. In the second round, the team picked Ertz.

Mark Eckel is reporting the same thing as Kracz.

By the end of the week, they should have a deal done with Lane Johnson that makes him one of the highest-paid offensive tackles in the NFL, and if Johnson stays at right tackle, he could be the highest-paid at that spot.

Fletcher Cox

What about arguably the team's most important player? Cox isn't a free agent until after the 2016 season. In the worst case scenario, the Eagles could always franchise tag him next offseason. But that might not be necessary. Kracz reports the Eagles are talking with Cox.

The Eagles are negotiating with their Pro Bowl defensive lineman, according to a source, to prevent Cox from hitting the open market.

Here's what Eckel had to say:

There will be a few more [contract extensions], too. Fletcher Cox fans, don't worry. The defensive end is going to get his share, too. Maybe not right away, but likely before the start of the season.

It's already been reported that the Eagles have had preliminary discussions with Cox. The team doesn't necessarily need to be in a rush to pay him, but locking him up for the long-term obviously has to happen at some point.

Vinny Curry

Along with Ertz and Johnson, Curry is one of the three players named as primary targets for the Eagles to re-sign. Like Cox, it's already been reported that the Eagles have had preliminary discussions with Curry. Several reports indicate the Eagles have offered a deal to Curry and the defensive end is mulling it over. From Kracz:

There could also be an announcement soon that the Eagles and Vinny Curry have agreed to a new deal. A source has said there is a contract in place that Curry is mulling whether or not to sign.

And Eckel:

Free agent defensive end Vinny Curry is deciding whether to accept an Eagles deal or test the market.

Curry grew up an Eagles fan. The idea of potentially switching back to the 4-3 should appeal to him.

Malcolm Jenkins and Bennie Logan

These two players are also in line for extensions. From Kracz:

Defensive tackle Bennie Logan might be on the list too, and safety Malcolm Jenkins as well, although he'll likely get a shorter deal.

And Eckel:

There is also the possibility Roseman could be looking into extending the contracts of defensive tackle Bennie Logan and safety Malcolm Jenkins.

Jenkins, who was recently named to the Pro Bowl, will be an unrestricted free agent after the 2016 season. Jenkins has played well since signing with the Eagles in 2014. The team would be wise to lock up the 28-year-old safety for a few more years if possible.

As for Logan, he really excelled as a 3-4 nose tackle in Chip Kelly's preferred two-gap scheme. Now he'll likely be playing 4-3 defensive tackle. The Eagles might be able to lock him up at a team-friendly rate.

Howie Roseman is back

If it wasn't clear Roseman is back in charge of the Eagles, it certainly is now. Roseman has drawn a lot of criticism, including from myself, but even his biggest detractors can admit he's made re-signing home grown players a priority. Credit where credit is due.

Sam Bradford's future

There has been no indication the Eagles are working out a long-term with Bradford. There's still plenty of time for that to happen before free agency begins in early March, but the Eagles are going to have less and less cap space to use on Bradford as they continue to re-sign their young talent. Bradford isn't going to be cheap. He might not be worth the price tag for Philadelphia.

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