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Senior Bowl 2016: 10 NFL Draft prospects to keep an eye on

Here's what to watch for.

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The mother of all college all star games is finally upon us, signaling a true changing of gears into the draft season. The Senior Bowl has an enormous collection of talent this year and various positions, which is good considering the Eagles have needs all over the roster. The Eagles have drafted 24 Senior Bowl players since 2010, more than any other team, so it is no surprise that we should all be keeping a close eye on this year's group. Here at ten players who may not be the best players there, but certainly should paid attention to for their abilities.

  1. Braxton Miller, OW, Ohio State: Since he arrived at Columbus, Braxton Miller has been one of the most prolific players in college football. Miller was tearing it up at quarterback for the Buckeyes until a shoulder injury took him out for a year and forced him to move to playing wide receiver and running back in 2015. Miller is still relatively new to wide receiver, but he has shown he has the skill sets necessary to play there. He is an incredible athlete who, as a former quarterback, has great understanding of attacking coverages. With the ball in his hands, he is arguably the most dangerous player in this class. How he does in positional drills against top corners in the draft is going to be fascinating and big for how NFL teams view him going forward because he may be closer than most think to being a damn good receiver.

  2. Kenneth Dixon, Running Back, Louisiana Tech: The Eagles have a desperate need for someone on the offense who can break off a big play at any moment. Well, Kenneth Dixon is no stranger to big plays as he left LA Tech as the leading touchdown scorer in NCAA history, with 87. The 5-10, 215 pound back has great quickness, vision, burst and strength while also providing a threat as a receiver. I will be interesting how much value the Eagles put on boosting their running back group, but Dixon is certainly intriguing.

  3. Austin Blythe, Center, Iowa: Iowa is known for two things; corn and offensive linemen. Austin Blythe continues a long tradition of hulking, rude midwestern offensive linemen for the Hawkeyes. Blythe has immense strength and plays with a great attitude. He has the size and skill set to play various positions along the interior offensive line and he may be exactly what the Eagles are looking for, too.

  4. Noah Spence, Defensive End, Eastern Kentucky: One of my favorite players in the draft and someone to definitely keep an eye out as the 13th pick in the draft, Noah Spence is a stud. The former Ohio State player had drug problems while in Columbus that forced him to transfer, but word is that the problems are a thing of the past. Hopefully, for Spence, that is the case. As a player, Spence has incredible burst and bend, threatening as a pass rusher on every down. He would be an immense addition to the Eagles as they shift gears up front on defense.

  5. Carson Wentz, Quarterback, NDSU: The former Bison quarterback has been gaining a lot of steam the last few weeks as a potential first round pick. While that is certainly a bit rich for my blood, I still think Wentz is a very talented player. He possesses a tremendous arm and a willingness to use it against tight, NFL windows. Wentz also has very good athletic ability to move outside of the pocket with. Wentz' learning curve will be a bit steep in the NFL because he did not have to read the field very much at NDSU and his movement in the pocket needs a lot of work. As a first round target, I would have to pass, but if Wentz is somehow hanging around on day two, I would hope the team would scoop him up in a heartbeat.

  6. Jason Spriggs, Offensive Tackle, Indiana: Another potential pick at 13, Jason Spriggs has an opportunity to make himself a lot of money at the Senior Bowl this year. The former tight end has A1 athletic ability and plays with a bit of a mean streak. With the Eagles looking for more youth at offensive tackle, Jason Spriggs will warrant heavy consideration.

  7. Jacoby Brissett, Quarterback, NC State: Though he may not be the best quarterback in this class, Jacoby Brissett is my favorite. Brissett plays with incredible amounts of "chutzpah" as my grandmother would say, trying to turn every play into a touchdown. While this can bite him a bit, Brissett has an incredibly enticing skill set with a good arm, great size, downfield accuracy and a constant will to make a play.

  8. Jeremy Cash, Safety, Duke: Jeremy Cash is one of the smartest players in this class, period. He has great instincts and constantly knows where the ball is going. His athletic ability may force him to work close to the line of scrimmage on a regular basis, but he can be a very good NFL strong safety. Unlike the previous defense in Philadelphia, Schwartz has a tendency to use more defined roles with his safeties. With that philosophy, Jeremy Cash could make a ton of sense to pair with Malcolm Jenkins on the back end of the defense.

  9. Bryce Williams, Tight End, ECU: A need that not many people are talking about for the Eagles is tight end. Zach Ertz is a stud of studs, but Brent Celek is not getting any younger and the team needs to consider adding youth to the group. At 6-6, 260 pounds, Williams has great size to stick at tight end. He moves well for his size and plays a tough brand of football. He would be an excellent day three addition. Side note: He has amazing hair.

  10. Tavon Young, Cornerback, Temple: The days of thirsting over tall cornerbacks is likely over. The priority now will be good cornerbacks. Tavon Young is a bit smaller, barely hitting 5-10, but don't tell him that... Young plays with an enormous chip on his shoulder and is sure to bully wide receivers on every play. He is incredibly physical and also technically sound. The Eagles need to add tough and physical players to a defense that got soft as the 2015 season went on and they should look no further than Tavon Young. Also, he's from Temple so we can all get in our feelings about that.

The Senior Bowl week is one of the most intriguing aspects of the draft process, so stay tuned for regular updates and sound bites throughout the week!

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