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Josh Huff reportedly isn't happy with the Philadelphia Eagles [UPDATE]

Is his time in Philadelphia over?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles wide receiver Josh Huff isn't very happy in Philadelphia, according to a report from's Mark Eckel. In a post about Eagles players unlikely to be back with the team for the 2016 season, Eckel wrote the following:

"Huff isn't really happy and his agent plans to let the organization know it, if he hasn't already. It's very unlikely he returns."

One could speculate that Huff is upset because Chip Kelly got fired by the Eagles in late December. Huff had a strong connection with Kelly due to their time spent together at Oregon. Perhaps Huff would like to reunite with Kelly on the San Francisco 49ers. We speculated about Huff's departure earlier this week:

[Huff is] another former Oregon player who has been a disappointment for the Eagles. Kelly once promised Huff he was going to select him in the NFL Draft. The Eagles passed over the likes of Martavis Bryant and John Brown to get him. In two seasons with the Eagles, Huff has 35 receptions for 410 yards and three touchdowns. He's flashed big play ability at times but he just hasn't been good enough on a consistent basis. Maybe the 49ers would be interested, especially with Anquan Boldin set to be a free agent.

If Huff wants out and the Eagles don't want to let him go, that's tough luck for him. But if the Eagles don't want to keep a potential malcontent around, Huff could find himself shipped out to a different team.

UPDATE: Huff denies being unhappy, via his Instagram page. Click here for more details.

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