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Eagles News: Jeremiah Trotter tells the story of how he knocked out LaVar Arrington

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/23/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Here’s an Amazing Story of Jeremiah Trotter Knocking Out LaVar Arrington During Training Camp - PhillyInfluencer
So I’m sitting in the front row. It’s me on the left side, Jessie Armstead in the middle, and LaVar Arrington on the right side. And when the coach said that, he [Arrington] said, ‘No, f— that! I want everybody to see he don’t know what the f— he doing!’ So I didn’t say nothing. I just leaned over and looked at him. And I would’ve let that one slide. But, Jaws was like, ‘No, no, it’s just the middle linebacker’s job to make the call and roll with it.’ And [Arrington] got even louder. I guess he took my kindness for my weakness. ‘No, f— that!’ He just started getting crazy. So, I stood up and as I’m standing up, I’m talking out loud … ‘I’m through playing. I ain’t talking no more’ but I’m talking out loud to myself. I think I’m saying it in my head, but I’m actually talking out loud. So I stood up and I pushed the chair back, and when he stood up he lunged and swung at me. And when he did, I faded and caught him with an overhand right. Yeah, he was out. You ever see a boxer fall? When he hit the table, he kind of came back. At that time, I just blanked out, so I was going in.”

Five free agents who make sense for the Eagles, version 1.0 - PhillyVoice
Staying on the Chiefs theme, Pederson's old LG was a second-round pick who is really beginning to come into his own as an NFL starter for the Chiefs. Allen just turned 26 this January, and would be an immediate (and significant) upgrade over Allen Barbre for the next five years. Like Daniel above, he'll be completely familiar with what Pederson will expect of him, and would knock out one spot on a neglected offensive line that needs several competent bodies, and fast. Allen feels like a no-brainer target.

Free Agency Talk - Iggles Blitz
His piece got me to thinking about whether the Eagles should go after big free agents this offseason. You could bring in a couple of key FAs to help plug holes. Or you could focus on just adding second tier players. The thought would be to let this become Doug Pederson’s team by letting him build it up. The question really becomes how Jeff Lurie, Howie Roseman and Pederson view the 2016 season. Are they trying to win as many games as possible or are they trying to build for the future. There isn’t a right or wrong answer to that question. Really the key is how they execute the plan they decide to go with. Can they find the right guys to make that plan work?

Eagles By the Numbers: Frank Reich’s Résumé - Birds 24/7
After spending 13 years as an NFL player, Frank Reich has been coaching since 2006, when he broke into the league as an offensive assistant with the Colts. He’s had an up-and-down 11 years in a number of different roles. To get a grasp of where his offenses have succeeded, and failed, we’ve put together a few numbers to help you contextualize the Eagles’ new offensive coordinator.

Can the Eagles afford to keep Sam Bradford? -
Consider that, depending on what the official salary cap figure is for 2016, the Eagles will have between $16 and $18 million to spend. And then take away between $5 and $6 million for draft picks. Resigning Bradford would just about take up the rest of the cap. So that means in exchange for keeping Bradford the Eagles would not be able to re-sign any of their other free agents, most notably Curry and safety Walter Thurmond. It would also prevent them from shopping at the high end of the free agent market for needed help on defense, on the offensive line, or at wide receiver.

Count on Roseman to have Eagles' hammer - Inquirer
Unless he's had a change of heart, that's still the way it will go, and Roseman is going to be the boss. Regardless of what Lurie says in a press conference, that is also the way NFL people perceive the job opening. Among the player personnel executives around the league looking to climb someone's ladder, is it more attractive to work under Roseman, whose reputation as a boss is spotty, or to work over him, having just observed his role in sending a pretty powerful man down a slippery chute?

Chase Daniel could be option if Eagles look for stopgap QB - CSN Philly
If history repeats itself — and it seems like that’s the plan here — Doug Pederson will draft a quarterback and sign a veteran to hold down the fort until the rookie is ready. Just like Pederson did for Donovan McNabb 16 years ago. If the Eagles don’t re-sign Sam Bradford, and that certainly seems like a 50-50 proposition at this point, the next-most likely scenario is probably drafting a quarterback and signing a veteran. An obvious candidate is Chase Daniel.

Where Are They Now? T Stan Walters -
Many have enjoyed outstanding careers as a player for the Philadelphia Eagles. Very few follow that with an outstanding career as the team’s radio analyst. But that’s what Stan Walters did for 23 years – nine as an offensive tackle and 14 in the broadcast booth. Acquired in a 1975 trade with the Cincinnati Bengals, the transaction opened Walters’ eyes and as it would turn out, shape his future. "Three years in Cincinnati and then all of a sudden to get traded, I guess that really woke me up and taught me that it was a business," Walters said. "It was a hard adjustment the first year, but it worked out for the best. Dick Vermeil took over the team (as the head coach in 1976) after the one year I was with Mike McCormack, and things started to turn around."

The 100 best players in the 2016 NFL Draft - SB Nation
Ohio State defensive end is the top player in this year's draft, but Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey, Ole Miss left tackle Laremy Tunsil and UCLA linebacker Myles Jack are right behind him.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid does not share your lowbrow obsession with "winning" · Block & Tackle · The A.V. Club
The 50th Super Bowl will be played next month, and all season long, the NFL has marked this pleasingly round number with tributes to Super Bowls past. Nobody is more committed to nostalgia than Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who demonstrated his appreciation for the history of the game last Saturday.

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