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Six NFL teams that could be bidding against the Eagles for Sam Bradford in free agency

There's going to be a lot of competition for Sam Bradford.

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Sam Bradford is going to make a lot of money this offseason. The 28-year-old quarterback is set to be a free agent in March and he's arguably the best option of a weak market. The Philadelphia Eagles might try to sign Bradford to a contract extension before then, but it's hard to believe Bradford would accept any deal. He has no reason not to test the open market and get the most money he can. The Eagles could always franchise tag him to prevent him from getting to the open market. But if they don't, there could be up to six teams (other than the Eagles) interested in bidding on Bradford. Let's take a look at his options.

San Francisco 49ers

I can't help but think Chip Kelly would love to have Bradford with him in San Francisco. The former Eagles coach made it clear he planned on committing to Bradford after the 2015 season. Kelly gave up a second round pick and Nick Foles in order to get Bradford. There's been talk about Kelly reviving Colin Kaepernick's career with the 49ers, but I don't think that's the quarterback he wants. Kelly was oddly evasive when asked about Kaepernick in his introductory press conference. Kelly made up a bizarre lie to explain why he didn't want to talk more about Kaepernick's future with the team. The 49ers have a ton of cap space and they can save about $7.4 million by cutting Kaepernick. They'll have ample money for Bradford.

The tricky part here is that Kelly doesn't have final say on the 53-man roster. That's up to general manager Trent Baalke. That doesn't mean Kelly won't have some kind of influence, though. He also has senior personnel executive Tom Gamble as his ally. Kelly could pound the table hard for Bradford. Bradford might want to join Kelly considering the success he had at the end of the 2015 season. He was reportedly "very upset" Kelly was fired because he wanted to have continuity in the scheme. Reuniting with Kelly would give him some of that.

Houston Texans

Houston was able to make it into the playoffs thanks to their strong defense and a weak division, but it's clear they're not a true contender without a real quarterback. Brian Hoyer isn't good enough and Houston can cut him to save nearly $4.9 million. The Texans currently have the 13th most cap space so they'll have enough money for Bradford. Houston also has the geographical advantage since it's relatively close to Bradford's home state of Oklahoma.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns never don't need a quarterback. Johnny Manziel likely isn't going to be around much longer so all that leaves the Browns with is Josh McCown. Hue Jackson is probably going to want a better option than that. Jackson made a strong push to get Carson Palmer to the Raiders during his days as Oakland's head coach. Maybe Bradford is his new Palmer.

New York Jets

Ryan Fitzpatrick is set to be a free agent. The Jets had success with the 33-year-old at the helm in 2015, but does he really qualify as a franchise quarterback? I'd think New York re-signs him, but Bradford might be on their radar if they're looking for a more long-term option.

Los Angeles Rams

Now wouldn't this be something? Imagine the Rams getting both Bradford and the Eagles' 2016 second round pick. One would think this ship has sailed, but the Rams are moving to L.A. and there's extra pressure to find a new franchise quarterback. Are they really going to trot out Case Keenum as the starter again? Maybe Bradford wants to go back to the franchise that drafted him. I don't think it's super likely, but I wouldn't rule it out completely. Also note that Pat Shurmur, whom Bradford has praised, might end up there.

Denver Broncos

Brock Osweiler is going to be a free agent. Peyton Manning, meanwhile, turns 40 in March. He's struggled this season and he can be cut for a savings of $19 million. If the Broncos win the Super Bowl this year, one might think he'd go out on top by retiring. The Broncos might provide Bradford with the best chance of winning a title.


Bradford's next contract currently projects to be worth over $18 million per year. Looking at this competitive market, I think that figure might be low. Teams are not going to be shy to overpay for a quarterback. If the Eagles want to keep him, it's going to be very expensive. Is Bradford really worth all that money to the Eagles? And even if he, is he going to want to re-sign in Philly?

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