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ESPN insider Mel Kiper regrades 2015 NFL Draft, says Eagles' class still has a lot of potential

Mel Kiper takes a moment away from 2016 draft analysis to provide us with new grades for 2015 draft classes. Here is what he had to say about the Philadelphia Eagles.

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ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. releases draft grades immediately after the NFL Draft each year. After the season is over, he revisits those grades and adjusts them based on how players performed during their rookie seasons.

Kiper's original grade for the Eagles 2015 NFL Draft class was B+. In his re-grade, Kiper gave the Eagles ... a C+. So for the second year in a row he knocked it down an entire letter grade. Despite the grade drop, however, he still remains hopeful about Philadelphia's draft class. Here's what he had to say via ESPN In$ider:

Here’s a draft class that could look a whole lot better in a couple years than it does right now. Start with Nelson Agholor, a talented kid who was just way too inconsistent in 2015 and is going to get better; or Eric Rowe, who had a tough transition, but could get much better. Then there’s Jordan Hicks, who was outstanding until he got hurt. There’s also JaCorey Shepherd, who I thought could have played immediately in nickel looks but got hurt. Based on where things are now, the class doesn’t look so great, but there’s a lot of potential.

1 (20) - Nelson Agholor, WR, USC
2 (47) - Eric Rowe, DB, Utah
3 (84) - Jordan Hicks, LB, Texas
6 (191) - JaCorey Shepherd, CB, Kansas
6 (196) - Randall Evans, CB, Kansas State
7 (237) - Brian Mihalik, DE, Boston College

I think Kiper's grade is fair. The thing that really hurts is that, for the second year in a row, the Eagles got virtually nothing out of their first round pick. Agholor had 23 receptions for 283 yards and one touchdown. He had four drops and one fumble. Agholor graded out as the worst wide receiver in the NFL by Pro Football Focus.

Other picks showed potential. After getting destroyed by Calvin Johnson, Rowe seemed to mostly hold up pretty well at outside cornerback down the stretch. Hicks was the easy pick for defensive rookie of the year if he stayed healthy. Shepherd looked really good during OTAs and training camp before getting hurt. Evans is still around and could compete for a roster spot. Mihalik turned out to be a waste of a pick.

As for re-grading goes, 69% of BGN voters gave the Eagles 2015 draft class a "B" back in May. How would you grade it now?

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