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Eagles News: Connor Barwin expects to play 4-3 defensive end

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/21/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Schwartz As DC A Reminder From Past -
"I’m very excited about Jim Schwartz. I remember meeting with him coming out of the (NFL Scouting) Combine. I’ve had plenty of friends who have played for him and obviously I’ve seen the success he’s had in this league, especially the success he’s had as a coordinator," Barwin said. "I don’t think it will be as different as people think. We ran a 3-4 with (Bill Davis as defensive coordinator) but we were in a 4-3 over 40 percent of the snaps, if not more. I’ll probably be playing defensive end and if I do play linebacker it will probably be up on the line, like I was on first down here."

Where Did it All Go Wrong? The Rise and Fall of Chip Kelly - ChipWagon
Certainly, Chip the GM, Chip's personality, the power struggle with Howie Roseman and his apparent fractured relationship with Jeff Lurie will lead the way in the headlines. Our old friend @sheilkapadia was spot on this assessment which really nicely summarized the downfall of the Kelly regime. However, to look at it from another angle, one really needs to understand that Lurie's decision was not exclusively a non-footbal decision. To put it bluntly, the Chip Kelly we fell in love with just stopped showing up on the chalkboard in 2015. The offense we saw in 2015 was a stripped down version of what we saw in 2013 and 2014 and lacked any imagination, creativity or evolution as defenses around the league continued to adjust and catch up.

On Schwartz And A Contrast In Styles - Birds 24/7
Jim Schwartz says it took no time at all to get a feel for what the Philly market is like. "I have boots on the ground for less than 24 hours. Here’s Doug Pederson, new head coach, just gets done thanking his wife, and right away it’s, ‘What took so long on that last drive?’ The honeymoon is short in Philadelphia, man," said Schwartz with a smile. "And then I got off the Acela from New York yesterday and there's two cameras waiting for me. And I told Dom [head of Eagles security], 'Oh, they're waiting for me.' And he's like, 'No, coach, there was a [shooting] on the subway. They weren't here for you.' So that was fun."

Staff Almost Set - Iggles Blitz
Reich is probably also a good fit in the sense that he’s not new to the NFL, but also isn’t so old that he’s very set in his ways. He will work with Pederson to do whatever works with the Eagles personnel. I think bringing back Stoutland, Peelle and Staley is smart. Stoutland developed Lane Johnson into a good RT. He did good things with Andrew Gardner prior to the injury last year. Even Dennis Kelly showed some flashes. Peelle had Zach Ertz playing at a high level last year. Staley is a coach the Eagles are very high on. They just didn’t think he was quite ready to make the leap to being a head coach.

Don't panic about Howie Roseman's resurgence just yet - CSN Philly
At the moment, Roseman is driving, and he'll likely remain behind the wheel. Lurie on Tuesday said he plans to hire a personnel head but wouldn't divulge any details about the planned hierarchy. Nevertheless, the org chart and Roseman’s $1.7 million salary suggest that Roseman will still be the man. Remember, when Roseman was promoted/demoted last year, he also received a $200,000 raise. So for the moment, let's place Tom Donahoe in the front seat and Doug Pederson in the back. Maybe this new person will call shotgun and bump Donahoe next to Pederson, but it's tough to see him taking over Roseman's ride.

Howie, Chip media sessions fascinating - Daily News
THE ROAD to Damascus apparently intersects with Pattison Avenue, we learned Tuesday, when introspective football pilgrim Howie Roseman finally emerged from a yearlong media hiatus. We met a chastened, humbled Howie, a guy who is now just all about relationships and people, and about helping the Eagles any way he can, Roseman said. It was a riveting performance, rivaled only by what took place on the opposite coast Wednesday, when Chip Kelly finally took the stage, nearly a week after being named head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

If Jeffrey Lurie is going to consult Ron Jaworski, why not make HIM the personnel guy? - PhillyVoice
The Eagles might have thought that the fans would be calmed by the fact that they asked former Eagle quarterback and well-respected analyst Ron Jaworski to get involved in the search that landed Pederson. Jaworski’s is a football mind that any fan can appreciate. However, when a team needs to reach out to such a source, it is an acknowledgment that such a mind is missing from its front office on a day-to-day, week-to-week, season-to-season basis. The obvious question is -- why not hire Jaworski on a full-time basis?

Could Ron Jaworski be the Eagles' new personnel man? -
Did anyone else find it interesting that Ron Jaworski helped the Eagles on their coaching search? If he was involved in finding Pederson, why not get involved in finding Pederson's players. The quarterback who took the Eagles to their first Super Bowl in 1980 has wanted to be involved in the team's personnel decisions for a long time, even putting his name into the mix for the general manager position back in 1998 when the team eventually hired Tom Modrak. Jaworski, who has done very well as a businessman, still might want to take a crack at the personnel department of his former team.

Bills make NFL history by hiring first female full-time assistant coach - SB Nation
Last offseason, the Arizona Cardinals made history when they hired Jen Welter to be a training-camp assistant coach. The Buffalo Bills are going a step further this year, bringing aboard the first ever full-time female assistant coach in NFL history. The Bills on Wednesday announced the hire of Kathryn Smith as their special teams quality control coach.

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