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Eagles News: LeSean McCoy thinks Doug Pederson will be successful in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/20/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

LeSean McCoy: Doug Pederson Will Succeed In Philadelphia - CBS Philly
McCoy was very complimentary of the organization and their new coach since the departure of Kelly. "Doug, I know him very well," McCoy said. "Offensively, he’s a good coach. I think he has the quarterbacks playing at a high level. He’s there. He understands the players. You can have a talk with him and they can meet on equal ground and kind of figure it out together. "I think he’ll be successful [in Philadelphia]. I’m not sure overall as a team, but offensively, I know he’ll do well…When he was there with the Eagles, he did a hell of a job."

Jeffrey Lurie and Doug Pederson lukewarm on Sam Bradford returning - PhillyVoice
So, Pederson said some nice things. That's sweet. But he sure didn't give the George Costanza-esque "Is Bradford my quarterback?!? Get outta here! Of course, he is!" Jeffrey Lurie was even more non-committal toward Bradford when asked about making a financial commitment to him.

Fan-Demonium: The Case For Pederson -
This isn't to say the Eagles expect Pederson to be Reid 2.0. Pederson is his own man. The thing I like most about him is his dedication to the game. Pederson went to Northeast Louisiana to play college football. He had a good career, but wasn't a hot commodity when draft time came around. Pederson wasn't picked and then signed with the Dolphins in the spring of 1991. He was on and off their roster for the next five seasons. Pederson also played in the World League of American Football (honestly, how many people even remember that league existed?). He was the 44th choice in the 1995 expansion draft, but even the brand new Carolina Panthers didn't keep him long. At one point, Pederson had to spend a month driving a FedEx truck to help keep the bills paid. Clearly, this was not a guy who gave up easily.

Will Eagles' brass collaborate? Roseman's still here - Daily News
Once again Jeffrey Lurie failed to clearly define Howie Roseman's role and whether he would lead the Eagles' personnel department, but the owner did leave open the possibility that a new "player personnel head" would have more clout than the executive vice president of football operations. Don't bet on that happening. Why would any candidate with muscle want to join a franchise that already has selected the next head coach? Lurie already established that Roseman was part of the three-man committee - he and team president Don Smolenski were the others - that chose Doug Pederson.

Harsh Reality: Eagles head coach job not as desirable as before - CSN Philly
The semantics there are important and obvious. What Lurie said was probably true from a technical standpoint. They didn’t offer anyone else the job, but that likely had less to do with them being super enamored with Pederson than it did with the other candidates being not-so-enamored with the Eagles. The Eagles didn’t offer Adam Gase the gig because he took a job with the Dolphins. They didn’t offer Tom Coughlin the gig because, according to several reports, he passed on the open opportunity. They didn’t offer Ben McAdoo the gig because the Giants beat them to it, per multiple reports.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Getting To Know Schwartz - Birds 24/7
If he does, there will be plenty of people in Philly interested in his philosophies, preferences, and yes, deployment of the "Wide 9" alignment. "Mostly that's thrown around by people who couldn't line it up if they wanted to," said Schwartz of those who label his defense as a Wide-9 attack. "That's no disrespect to those people, but I say this: there's 32 teams in the NFL and all 32 of them line up in a Wide 9. Not all of them are called Wide 9 teams, but that's just the way it goes...It'll certainly be part of our scheme here but that won't define our scheme."

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson says he isn't just another Andy Reid -
Andy Reid is a mentor. I'll be the first one to tell you that he is," Pederson said. "But I'm also here to tell you this isn't going to be an Andy Reid football team. It isn't going to be a Doug Pederson football team. It's going to be a Philadelphia Eagles football team." Pederson's ties to Reid, who was head coach for the Eagles from 1999-2012, is considered a big reason why he got the job, considering his resume is relatively thin.

First Impressions on the Latest NFL Coach Hirings | The MMQB with Peter King
I cannot imagine anyone not liking Doug Pederson, although he has never walked in the shoes of an NFL head coach. I fully expect Roseman to step into the role of the "bad guy" with players on tough decisions, similar to the combination that served the Eagles well with former president Joe Banner and Reid.

Teams often repeat mistakes when finding a coach | Sports On Earth
The process for hiring head coaches in the NFL is broken, and I am not sure anybody knows how to fix it. When you consider that the head coach is arguably the most important person in a billion-dollar organization, the number of these franchises that fall prey to these same mistakes year after year is beyond disturbing. Here are the three pitfalls that seem to be an annual occurrence, with an additional new variation that cropped up this year.

This is the unofficial document that's actually guiding NFL refs - SB Nation
Rarely discussed outside of the officiating world, philosophy is as important to officiating a football game as the rulebook itself. To understand why NFL officials throw or don't throw flags, you have to understand philosophy.

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