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Eagles News: Chip Kelly wasn't a good coach in 2015

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/2/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

What Is Being Overlooked in the Aftermath of the Chip Kelly Firing - PreSnapReads
One of the most common phrases uttered in response to Kelly’s firing was some variation of: "Chip Kelly the General Manager got Chip Kelly the Coach fired." Even though many of Kelly’s failings did come in player acquisition, this phrase suggests that he was a great coach. He was a great coach during his first year in the league, he was just as impressive during his second. In his third season, independent of his actions as General Manager, Chip Kelly was a bad coach. Kelly’s scheme is something that is referred to often. Mostly it’s referred to when someone wants to suggest that his scheme is a college scheme, something that is too simple or too complex to work against professional defenses. It ranges from being labelled simple or complex because most of the people talking about Kelly’s scheme don’t actually discuss specifics.

Eagles can theoretically reclaim value of second-round pick with loss to Giants - PhillyVoice
Last March, the Eagles sent a second-round pick and Nick Foles to the Rams in exchange for quarterback Sam Bradford. Breaking news, I know. No matter what you think of Bradford and whether or not the Eagles should try to re-sign him this offseason, the fact remains that the Eagles have a roster so full of holes that I couldn't even include wide receiver among their five biggest needs. The Eagles having that second-round pick would be a lot cooler than if they didn't. If the Eagles lose on their meaningless game this Sunday to the Giants, they will clinch a draft spot of 11th overall or better. They can draft as high as ninth overall depending on the outcomes of the Buccaneers and Saints games. If they win, however, they will draft no higher than 13th, and could draft as low as 17th.

Chip Kelly's mixed messages led to downfall - Inquirer
He struggled with juggling both coach and "GM" roles from the get go. With Roseman's role diluted, Kelly didn't have a bad cop to assume blame when contract decisions were made. Reid had Joe Banner. That doesn't mean Kelly didn't try to pass the buck. He once sent a text message to a player who wanted a new deal that said, "I'm not in charge of contracts. I know they are not going to renegotiate yours." Kelly had full authority over both the 90-man and 53-man rosters. There was no "they." He even often cited the salary cap for some of his more controversial moves. The players weren't ignorant to the obvious fact that Kelly wore both hats.

Front Office Update - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles are not going to hire a GM. They apparently are going to hire someone to be the head of the personnel department. Donahoe is in that role for now. The scouts who are out in the field need someone to report to. They can’t wait for a new hire. Donahoe has been part of the Eagles organization since 2012 so he knows the scouts and has a relationship with Roseman. That makes him a good temp hire. We don’t have any names linked to the opening so far. Scott Fitterer from Seattle is the guy I wanted last year, but he ended up getting a promotion there and staying put. I doubt he would leave, but I’d love to see the Eagles at least call him and feel out the situation.

Eagles Roster Analysis: Defense - Birds 24/7
The perception seems to be that Vinny Curry, one of the Eagles' best pass-rushers, will walk in free agency in favor of a 4-3 team, but it's possible Philadelphia's next head coach will implement that scheme. The Eagles were probably hoping Taylor Hart would step up this season so they would feel comfortable letting Cedric Thornton walk and keep Hart as a cheap alternative, but Hart hasn't impressed at all.

Off the Grid: The death of execution, Deone Bucannon Q&A and more -
NFL coaches have to adjust and adapt. Any coach who tells you that it’s all about execution, and his players just need to play better ... well, he's either lying to himself or lying to you, and he probably isn’t long for the job. Chip Kelly, fired by the Eagles on Tuesday night, was famous for throwing a similar line out there. Whenever opponents are saying publicly that they have your system figured out before the plays happen, as was happening to the Eagles early this season, that’s big trouble. In Kelly’s three NFL seasons, he hadn’t expanded his palette enough, and the league caught up to him. It always does.

Riley Cooper: 'I don't think people really know Chip Kelly' - CSN Philly
The topic of a coach’s approachability has been a hot one during the last few days in the wake of the Eagles’ decision to fire Chip Kelly. In his 22-minute press conference on Wednesday, owner Jeff Lurie stressed he wanted his next head coach to have a strong relationship with his players and have "emotional intelligence." The implication, of course, was that Kelly lacked those things. On Thursday afternoon, Cooper reasoned the idea that Kelly was unapproachable might have been more of a perception problem. Personally, Cooper said, he thought Kelly was very approachable and would take the time to speak with any player who came to him with a concern or problem. "I don’t think people really know Chip Kelly," Cooper said. "I think he’s kind of a private person, so if you don’t understand Chip, then maybe he could be misunderstood."

A closer look at the Eagles' head coaching candidates -
Another reason to like Adam Gase as the next Eagles head coach is, as someone told me, "he fixes quarterbacks.'' Gase, who has worked with head coach John Fox in Denver and Chicago, is known to work wonders with the most important position in the game. In today's NFL, teams don't win without a good quarterback, so having a head coach who can make a quarterback better gives teams with a mid-level passer a fighting chance. Could Gase convince Sam Bradford to stay with the Eagles? Maybe. Can he make Bradford better? Well, look what he did for Jay Cutler, who is enjoying his finest season.

Smithology: 2015's Final Exam -
Every Friday during the regular season, you, the fans, have taken your seat in Smithology class and learned some of the finer details about this Eagles team. Well, now that we’ve reached the end of the 2015 winter semester, it’s time for the final exam. I hope you’ve been studying. Each week, I went into the locker room to gather some inside knowledge about the upcoming matchup or to look at the bigger picture overall. I asked the hard-hitting questions and dug deep to teach the readers a valuable lesson each and every Friday. The test will begin now. It’s multiple choice, but using the internet or a notebook is not allowed (even though this is an online test). Good luck …

2016 NFL Draft: What makes Jared Goff the best QB in the draft - SB Nation
Still, that is a gaudy interception number that will turn some off. It’s the type of number that will cause debates about Goff and Paxton Lynch of Memphis, the draft’s second-best quarterback. In comparing the two, Lynch is bigger, has a better arm and is more athletic. But Goff gets the nod because of his pocket awareness, footwork and advanced ability to read a defense, before and after the snap.

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