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Sam Bradford's agent reportedly wanted $25 million per year from Eagles before 2015 season

This can't be right.

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

So, here's something that sounds crazy. Jim Trotter appeared on ESPN's NFL Insiders show on Tuesday and said that Sam Bradford's agent, Tom Condon, wanted $25 million per year from the Eagles prior to the 2015 season. Video evidence:

That's insane. The highest paid quarterback on an annual basis is currently Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers quarterback makes $22 million per year. So Bradford's agent really wanted the Eagles to sign him to a contract making him the highest paid quarterback? While coming off two straight ACL injuries? And never really playing all that great before he even got hurt? It just doesn't seem realistic. But if that was really the case, it would certainly explain why the Eagles did not sign him to a contract extension after Chip Kelly traded for him.

There was a report at one point during the season that the Eagles offered Bradford $18 million per year at four years but the quarterback turned it down. Bradford was later asked about that report and he said: "That offer must have gotten lost in the mail because I don’t know if I ever saw that one."

I do find it really hard to believe Bradford's side was realistically expecting $25 million. I don't find it hard to believe he will be expensive to sign to a long-term extension, though. Bradford is going to be a free agent in March and there could easily be several teams interested in him if he hits the market. The Eagles have to determine if Bradford is worth tying the wagon to or not.

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