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Fletcher Cox could be Philadelphia Eagles next home grown legend

Who is the next Philadelphia Eagles legend?

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Who is the next Philadelphia Eagles legend? That's the question 'Legends of Tomorrow' is asking and we're trying to answer. The question is vague so I think there are several ways to attack it. Which Eagles player(s) on the current roster are worthy of consideration? And which ones are home grown? Who belongs in the Eagles Hall of Fame? What about retired players who haven't made the Hall of Fame yet? Here are some names that come to mind.

Fletcher Cox - Cox only turned 25 years old about a month ago and he has a lot of good football ahead of him so it's probably too early to start talking about his legacy. But for the sake of this post, consider Cox has the special opportunity to be Philadelphia's next home grown legend. Cox hasn't always gotten the honor he deserves so far but he'll be able to cement his status as a legend if he can continue to be dominant for years to come.

Jason Peters - Peters is clearly on the decline, even if he doesn't think so. Still, he's had heck of a career. He's been named to the Pro Bowl eight times. He's two time first-team All Pro. He's four time second-team All Pro. He's a Hall of Fame talent. It remains to be seen how his playing career with Philadelphia turns out, but this man is a legend.

Brian Dawkins - If Troy Polamalu is going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day, that's just more proof Brian Dawkins needs to be there too.

Donovan McNabb - Here's a look at how Donny stacks up compared to other Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

Terrell Owens - Wait, T.O.? Yes, really. I thought Dave Spadaro had an especially interesting column (since he works for the team) where he wonders about how Owens will be recognized by the Eagles. There's just no denying the man's talent. Owens is a 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame finalist and it would seem he deserves some kind of recognition, right? His legacy in Philadelphia is obviously tarnished by how the way things ended so poorly, but his 2004 performance was truly special. He was dominant. He was absolutely adored at one point. How will the Eagles recognize his legacy?

Harold Carmichael - Arguably snubbed by the Hall of Fame, Carmichael finished his career with the sixth most receptions ever at the time of his retirement. What made Carmichael even more special to the Eagles is he really never left Philadelphia. After spending a brief stint in Dallas, he returned to work for the Eagles. Carmichael retired last offseason but still hangs around the team.


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