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Jim Schwartz expected to be named Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator, report says

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Shortly after reporting there's a "strong possibility" the Eagles hire Jim Schwartz, 6ABC's Jamie Apody is now reporting Schwartz has arrived in Philadelphia and is expected to join Doug Pederson's staff as the team's defensive coordinator. The latest update:

Here's what we wrote about Schwartz earlier:

Schwartz is an experienced defensive coordinator, having spent eight years in Tennessee with Jeff Fisher before taking over the 0-16 Lions. After he was fired from Detroit following the 2013 season, he was Doug Marrone's defensive coordinator in Buffalo, In his lone season with the Bills in 2014 they finished 4th in scoring and yards.

Schwartz parted ways with the Bills after the hiring of Rex Ryan and was unemployed in 2015, but is reportedly waiting to see if a return to the Titans would be possible. This interest in Schwartz clearly signifies a philosophical shift to the 4-3 defense, with Schwartz having run it and the Wide 9 variation of it successfully throughout his career.

Schwartz was arguably one of the best available defensive coordinator options for the Eagles. If this report is true, it's a strong hire by Pederson.

UPDATE: Visual evidence.

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