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Eagles News: Jeremy Maclin thinks Philadelphia fans should be excited about Doug Pederson

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/17/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Jeremy Maclin: Doug Pederson 'going to do great things' with Eagles - CSN Philly
So what are the Eagles getting in Pederson? Well, several Chiefs spoke very highly of him after Saturday's loss in Foxboro, Massachusetts, for Pederson's final game as Kansas City's offensive coordinator. "I think he understands the personalities around a locker room. I think that's the first important step of being a head coach," former Eagle Jeremy Maclin said, via Comcast SportsNet's Derrick Gunn. "I'm excited about what he does in the future up there in Philly. ... I think Philly should be excited.

Eagles Pick Pederson - Iggles Blitz
Doug Pederson isn’t here to be Andy Reid 2.0, but he is here to move things back in that direction. Pederson played for Reid in Green Bay and Philly. He coached here for 4 seasons and followed Reid to Kansas City. Pederson has seen Reid when things are good and bad. He was part of the 4-12 disaster that led to Reid’s dismissal. He’s also been part of an amazing 11-game winning streak this season. Critics see this as Lurie hiring a "Yes Man" type of coach who will fit in and not rock the boat. I certainly get that perception, but I think it missing a big part of the equation. Roseman’s future and reputation will be greatly affected by this hire. Lurie’s legacy will be affected. I don’t think the average person understands how much Lurie wants to win. It kills him to be the lone NFC East team with no rings.

An initial look at Eagles defensive coordinator candidate Jim Schwartz - PhillyVoice
Most Eagles fans will remember the wide nine as a defense that was very susceptible to the run. As you can see above, there isn't much variance between the run and pass. In fact, Schwartz's defenses were very good against the run his first three years as a defensive coordinator, not so good against the pass.

Chip Kelly and the 49ers Are the Worst Match Imaginable - B/R
Based on the Kawakami paradigm, Kelly is a York hire. The owner wanted a big name and was indifferent about potential friction in the organization. That's a bad strategy on a variety of levels. The phrase "wanted a big name and was indifferent about" is really never used in connection with smart, forward-thinking management in any field. So York has thrown together two individuals whose defining weaknesses are an inability to recognize their own limitations and an inability to work well with others, probably because he also shares those weaknesses. All three parties also have a knack for displacing blame, which may be why York and Baalke missed the timbre in Lurie's voice three weeks ago when he stressed the syllables of accountability.

New Eagles coach Doug Pederson will have respect of players, says former NFL personnel exec -
"The players respect this, the most," Riddick told Mike Missanelli Friday on 97.5 FM The Fanatic. "Players don't respect yellers. They don't respect guys who have witty one-liners, as a coach. They don't respect guys who give Knute Rockne speeches and all that B.S. "Players respect coaches who have a positive impact on their career, who can make them better and can help them win games. That's how you get respect. Doug Pederson will have respect coming in from the get-go because it is just natural for players to respect other players who have been through it. Guys who have been on the battlefield like them. They're going to give them the benefit of the doubt right out of the gate, whether the general public does or not."

Michael Bennett says replacing Cary Williams changed Seahawks' season - ESPN
In an interview with Jenny Vrentas of The MMQB
, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett pointed to replacing CB Cary Williams as a turning point for the season: "Losing Cary and adding J. Lane and D. Shead in the game has really turned our season around a lot," Bennett says. "No offense to Cary, but these guys have been in the defense a lot longer than Cary, so they kind of understand where the holes are and what you have to do, and I think they have done a great job of taking us back to that level where we are used to playing."

How do you know Doug Pederson can't coach? - Daily News
I DON'T WANT to get all existential on you, but one of the problems with the world today is that nobody is willing to admit they don't know something. Whenever a situation arises in which somebody simply does not possess the information required to say something other than "I don't know," they say something else anyway, and usually that something is whatever fits with the overall worldview they have chosen to believe. Take Doug Pederson. Nobody knows if he is going to be a good NFL head coach. I don't know. You don't know. Even the people who are hiring him don't know. If they did know, they wouldn't be hiring him in the first place, because they would already have a good NFL head coach, the guy they hired the last time, unless they had purposely hired a guy they knew would not be a good NFL coach, which, I think we all can agree, would have made for a curious strategy.

Chalk Talk: A Scout's Job -
Director of Scouting Development at the Scouting Academy, Dan Hatman on what scouts do during the process of hiring a new head coach and what this time of year looks like on a scout's calendar ...

Andy Reid's clock management ruined any chance of a Chiefs comeback - SB Nation
It is very hard to win a football game when you're trailing by two scores in the fourth quarter. That's the situation the Chiefs found themselves Saturday night: They got the ball back from the Patriots down 27-13 with 6:29 remaining. It's especially hard to win a football game when you're trailing by two scores in the fourth quarter and your coach farts on the concept of clock management. Unfortunately, Kansas City's coach is Andy Reid, perhaps the NFL's least clock-savvy coach. Over and over again throughout Reid's career, he's been baffled by the very concept of time.

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