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Ron Jaworski helped the Eagles decide to hire Doug Pederson

So ... there's this.

The Philadelphia Eagles' head coaching search committee featured three prominent members: CEO and Chairman Jeffrey Lurie, executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman, and team president Don Smolenski. But apparently that trio had help from another: JAWS. Wait, what? Uh, yes. Apparently former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski helped out to some extent. Per Jeff Skversky of 6ABC:

This seems weird because Jaws, who is golfing buddies with BGN writer James Keane, isn't employed by the Eagles' organization. It's hard, then, to imagine Jaws had a ton of influence on the search. But then there's this ...

So ... this is unexpected. Jaws obviously spends a lot of time around football since he's an NFL analyst with ESPN, but is he really the most qualified to be helping with a coaching search? Actually, maybe. I don't know. Based on the Eagles' messy and flawed coaching search, he might not be any less qualified than the trio of Lurie/Roseman/Smolenski. Or maybe he's the one to blame!

UPDATE: Les Bowen notes Jaws wasn't alone in assisting the Eagles. Legendary former Colts GM Bill Polian was also involved.


Request: While I have you here, I have to point out how the one page in the binder says "E. Sanders as #3 slot WR." Is anyone good enough with photo editing to figure out what the rest of that page says?

And now for a conspiracy theory: that Sanders page comes before the "Tier 1" section of the binder. Sanders used to play for Adam Gase in Denver. Is that page confirmation Gase was a top target for the Eagles, as is commonly believed?

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