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Eagles player retweets video of fan ripping Chip Kelly (NSFW) [UPDATE]

Warning: very NSFW.

On Friday morning, Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Eric Rowe retweeted a video of well-known Eagles fan "EDP" going on a VERY NSFW rant against former head coach Chip Kelly. Here's proof:

And here's the actual video. Again, it is VERY NSFW. Lots of cursing. I've provided you with multiple warnings now (the headline, the subtitle, and the text in this post) so watch it at your own risk.

Rowe has since un-retweeted the video. In fairness to him, maybe it was a mistake. Maybe he just thought the video is funny. Or maybe he actually didn't like Kelly. Retweets don't necessarily equate to endorsements, so it's impossible to say for sure.

For what it's worth, Rowe told reporters he was disappointed when Kelly got fired. Via CBS Philly:

"Very smart guy. He was tough. He should have been a better coach, but he showed no sign of quit. No sign of losing confidence in us. Came to work everyday with the same attitude. Kind of flowed throughout the building. I was really disappointed when I heard the news."


UPDATE: Eric Rowe says he made a mistake.

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