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Eagles hire Doug Pederson: Do you approve of Philadelphia's head coach selection?

Are you happy with Philadelphia's choice?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are set to hire Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson as their next head coach as soon as Kansas City's playoff run is over.

This is obviously far from an exciting hire. Pederson's name hadn't really come up in any coaching searches prior to this offseason. He had never been interviewed by any other team than the Eagles. He's not a "hot coordinator" by any means.

Despite this, Pederson's appeal to the Eagles is obvious. He's a former player and coaching assistant. He's worked extensively with Andy Reid. Jeffrey Lurie prefers offensive coaches and Pederson is exactly that.

There are some reasons for optimism when it comes to Pederson. Here's how the Chiefs have ranked on offense during Pederson's tenure:

Year Points Yards
2013 6th 21st
2014 16th 25th
2015 9th 25th

Part of the reason why the Chiefs rank low in yards is because their defense and special teams regularly give them good field position. They actually had the best average starting field position in 2015.

The Chiefs also did a good job of taking care of the ball under Pederson's watch. The Chiefs finished with the second least turnovers in 2016, tied for fifth least in 2014, and second least in 2013.

It's not all positive. There are obvious concerns with Pederson. How much of Kansas City's offensive success was really due to him? Andy Reid has been the one in charge for the most part. Reid has admitted to giving Pederson some play-calling responsibility in 2015, but that doesn't qualify as extensive experience.

Based on past polling results, it's safe to say Eagles fans aren't excited about the Pederson hire.

Now that you know Pederson is going to be the guy, has your opinion changed? Vote below.

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