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Malcolm Jenkins shaved his head after having surgery on his pinky finger

Let's take a break from the exhausting and depressing Philadelphia's coaching search for a moment to check in on Malcolm Jenkins. The Eagles' starting safety recently revealed that he had surgery on his pinky finger in order to get it straightened out:

Getting this bad boy straightened out!

It seems like the operation went well:

All done ! These drugs though got me in my happy place lol... Thanks for all the prayers everyone!

... but there may have been one problem. Jenkins made a bold decision while still on pain killers:

This is what happens when you make decisions while on pain meds lol what u guys think? New year, new look?

And so now Jenkins is bald. At least he didn't get rid of his beard.

Jenkins played more snaps than any other NFL player in 2015 and he did it with a crooked pinky. He played at a high level; he graded out as the league's best safety according to Pro Football Focus. Despite this, he was only named as a seventh alternate to the 2016 Pro Bowl.

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