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Philadelphia Eagles receive 2016 NFL Draft pick from Pittsburgh Steelers via Brandon Boykin trade

The compensation of the Brandon Boykin trade has been finalized.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles received a conditional pick in the 2016 NFL Draft when they traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers this summer. Now that the season is over, we know what that pick will be: a fifth round pick. That pick will continue to move closer to the bottom of the round if the Steelers keep winning in the 2016 NFL playoffs.

Chip Kelly originally revealed the terms of the deal back in August. If Boykin played 60% or more of Pittsburgh's defensive snaps, the Eagles would have received the Steelers' fourth round pick. Boykin struggled to get on the field early in the season, however, and only ended up playing 24.7% of the total snaps on defense. That's less than Boykin played in Philadelphia in 2014 (42.7%) and 2013 (51%).

Boykin was a good nickel cornerback and special teams player for the Eagles but, despite his desire for an expanded role, the coaching staff never really gave him a chance to start on the outside. Boykin didn't fit with Chip Kelly's penchant for bigger players.

It's no surprise Boykin wasn't the biggest fan of Kelly, either. Boykin took shots at Kelly shortly after being traded and then again recently after Kelly was fired.

Boykin is currently scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent when the new league year begins in March. The Eagles don't really have a need at cornerback if they plan to move forward with expensive free agent signing Byron Maxwell and promising rookie Eric Rowe, but ... maybe the new coach would have interest? It's not likely, but it'd be funny if the Eagles got a pick for Boykin and ended up signing him back, too.

Here's a reminder of all the draft picks that the Eagles own this year.

Round Pick
Eagles pick (No. 13)
Eagles pick
3 Eagles pick from Lions
4 Eagles pick
5 Eagles pick
5 Eagles pick from Steelers
6 Eagles pick
7 Eagles pick
7 Eagles pick from Cardinals


One more thing. Most Eagles fans did not support the trade at the time:

Has your opinion changed since? Vote below.

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