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Eagles News: Sam Bradford's teammates want him to stay in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/1/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ... Happy New Year!

Chip Kelly's firing leaves Sam Bradford's future up in the air - Inquirer
Eagles second-year receiver Jordan Matthews said it should not be a tough call. "I mean, (Bradford) has played in every system," said Matthews, who has 78 catches for 943 yards with six touchdowns this season. "He's already played for different coaches. "The biggest question mark with Sam since he came here was 'Can he stay healthy?' Well, a freak thing happened to his shoulder, but he only missed two games. "Everybody saw him grow, get more confident and get better. I feel the same. I want Sam here. I would love for him to be my quarterback." That's up in the air for now.

Eagles and Giants will both try to win a game they shouldn't - PhillyVoice
Friends with any Giants fans? Maybe you should switch jerseys with them this week, because the winner of the Eagles-Giants game this Sunday will very much be the overall loser. Before Chip Kelly was fired, we noted that the Eagles should take a page out of the Sixers' book and tank their final game. If the Eagles lose on Sunday, they will clinch a draft spot of 11th overall or better. They can draft as high as ninth overall depending on the outcomes of the Buccaneers and Saints games. If they win, however, they will draft no higher than 13th, and could draft as low as 17th. After this dumpster fire of a season, if the Eagles wind up with just the 17th overall pick, that would be one more colossal disappointment.

Who is Running the Show? - Iggles Blitz
There is logic to Lurie’s thinking and this set-up. You won’t be making decisions based on one person’s whim. If a person can’t sell the other two on the wisdom of the move, it doesn’t get made. That should eliminate some bad picks/signings. Not all, to be sure, but some. The flip side is that there one potential flaw. While there is nothing wrong with a collaborative approach per se, you do need the right blend of personalities to make it work. Donahoe has worked for Roseman, but never been anything close to a peer with him. There is no telling how the new coach will fit in. He’ll say all the right things to get hired, but the real test is how things work when real situations come up. Can all three men really put their egos aside and work together?

Why firing Chip Kelly doesn’t fix the Eagles: A longtime beat writer explains - Billy Penn
This downward trajectory since a 2004 Super Bowl appearance and 2008 NFC Championship Game defeat illustrates that the franchise’s problems didn’t start, or end, with Kelly. Kelly is merely another football man whose abridged tenure here, marred by a power struggle, reminded the public that the root of this franchise’s problems start at the top. Lurie’s curious loyalties to close confidants and Roseman’s notorious impatience with his underlings have resulted in personnel men constantly exiting the NovaCare as fast as they entered. The team’s headquarters has become a congested downtown hub for wayward talent executives, coaches and scouts.

Angelo Cataldi On Private Call With Chip Kelly: ‘Most Gracious Sports Conversation In My Life’ - CBS Philly
On Wednesday afternoon, the now former Philadelphia Eagles head coach privately called the 25-year radio host, who called the conversation the most gracious conversation in sports that he’s ever been a part of. "I gotta say it was the most gracious conversation I could ever remember having with anyone I ever talked about or dealt with in sports in my life," Cataldi said on Thursday’s 94WIP Morning Show. "He could not had have been nicer. He was very complimentary on the conversations we had over the years. He was very philosophical about what had happened to him, very confident of his future. And I couldn’t believe it because I had just done a show saying that he doesn’t know how to deal with people and he had dealt with me in a way that no one had ever done. Rhea [Hughes], all the years."

Agents: Eagles front office was dysfunctional with Chip Kelly running the show -
To say that the one year the Eagles allowed Chip Kelly, who was fired this past Tuesday, to run the personnel department was a disaster would be an understatement.  And it wasn't just a calamity on the field. With Kelly and Ed Marynowitz, who was also fired, running the show, multiple NFL agents told NJ Advance Media that working with the Eagles front office was a disaster.  The agents spoke on condition of anonymity. "One of the most dysfunctional front offices I worked with all season," said an agent. "It was a mess."

DeMarco Murray: ‘It’s A Fresh Start For Everyone’ - Birds 24/7
Rather than defending Kelly's methods and practices during the time the two shared a sideline, Murray referred early and often to Kelly's past successes when discussing what may have gone wrong this year. "He's had lots of success in things he's done on offense, so he was an offensive guy," Murray said. "He's had lots of success with different types of running backs, things of that nature. I just think schematically, there were things we could've done differently. We could've played better. And it's not just one guy, it's a collective effort when we have the season we've had." There are plenty of people who believe Murray's underwhelming season stemmed from Kelly's inability to effectively use the former rushing champion, and Kelly's unwillingness to meld his system to fit Murray's strengths. Murray said Thursday, as he has in the past, that he knew the kind of offense he would be operating in before he signed with the Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles will regret getting rid of Chip Kelly - The Guardian
From that disrepair Kelly lifted the Eagles to 10-6 and a division title, then missed the playoffs at 10-6 in year two after losing his first-choice quarterback to injury after eight games. This year Philadelphia slumped to 6-9 after Kelly wrested control of player personnel decisions in a Christmastime power play and made a series of off-season moves that backfired. That regression proved a fireable offense. But it shouldn’t have been. The NFL is too luck-dependent to base a wholesale change in organizational direction on one bad season, which is exactly what the Eagles have done. This was never a three-year reclamation project. Kelly deserved at least one more season to further implement his vision, a perfectly reasonable ask in a trade where the average tenure of the last 40 coaches to win the Super Bowl is nearly six years. How many NFL teams have more than 26 wins in their last 47 games? Ten, exactly. Only four in the NFC. Certainly none in Philadelphia’s division.

Pat Shurmur details 'unique' week in wake of Chip Kelly firing - CSN Philly
It was a normal day for Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. Until he got called into the owner’s office. "It’s been a unique week, as we all know," Shurmur said Thursday. "I really didn’t know what was going on. I was called down to Mr. (Jeffrey) Lurie’s office on Tuesday afternoon. I walked in really not knowing what had happened. "I was a little confused because it’s not very often you get called down to the owner’s office, and he said, ‘You haven’t heard, have you,’ and he said he had let Coach (Chip) Kelly go, and we had a conversation regarding coaching the team in the last game." Shurmur, Kelly’s offensive coordinator the last three years, accepted Lurie’s offer to serve as interim head coach this week after Kelly was fired with one game left in the season.

Eagle Eye: Putting The Defense In A Bind -
Before you wonder why the Eagles played so much Cover 2 Man coverage, consider this. You only have 11 players on the field, and if you want to protect yourself against the deep ball with two high safeties over the top, you can’t do that AND consistently send extra defenders after the quarterback AND double cover other receivers elsewhere on the field. That’s why, as I said last week, Washington’s offense has turned into a very difficult one to defend because they can beat you in a number of different ways and because the way they deploy their personnel is very hard to stop. Case in point - the final two touchdowns from Saturday night ...

What's next for Chip Kelly? - SB Nation
Chip Kelly recruited both Marcus Mariota and Johnny Manziel in 2011 and could coach one of them in his next job.

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