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G.J. Kinne signs with Giants practice squad, which is the worst Eagles news ever

Great news for G.J., terrible news for the Eagles.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Of all the crazy and controversial Eagles roster moves Chip Kelly made this offseason, one clearly sticks out as the biggest mistake: not keeping G.J. Kinne on the practice squad. Kinne has recently signed with the New York Giants' practice squad, as confirmed by the team.

As if seeing Kinne leave Philadelphia wasn't bad enough, matters have only been made worse with him signing with Philadelphia's division rival.

But let's make this clear: Kinne does not deserve any blame here. It's not realistic to expect the 26-year-old to turn down a paying job just because it's with the Eagles' enemy. This is great news for Kinne, who did everything the Eagles asked of him during his time in Philadelphia. Kinne practiced hard every day, didn't miss any practices, and even changed positions from quarterback to wide receiver (and a little running back) in order to help out the team. G.J. Kinne is a guy any person can root for, no matter what jersey he is wearing.


"But who was G.J. Kinne?"

"G.J. Kinne was Edmond Dantes. G.J. Kinne was my father and my mother; my brother, my friend. G.J. Kinne was you, and me. G.J. Kinne was all of us."

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