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Andrew Gardner's contract is very good for the Philadelphia Eagles

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The Eagles got a bargain.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The terms of Andrew Gardner's three-year contract extension with the Philadelphia Eagles have been revealed, and it's a very team-friendly agreement. Gardner's deal has a base value $4.7 million, but the signing bonus is only $500,000.

In other words, Gardner isn't guaranteed very much. He's going to have to play well to earn his money. The Eagles certainly won't have a problem paying him if he plays well. If Gardner struggles, the team won't have a hard time moving on from him.

Here are some more reactions to the deal:

If Gardner played well this year and the Eagles waited to pay him as a free agent, his contract would have been more expensive. Instead, the team was able to lock him now at a very team-friendly rate.

In limited playing time, Gardner has shown that he's at least a serviceable starter for Philadelphia. If he continues to play well, he'll be rewarded. If not, he'll be gone.