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The Redskins need to review their social media policy

Roster additions, roster deletions and social media deletions highlight the NFC East

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The preseason is over, but NFC East hijinks are in full swing.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-1)

Last week: The Eaglea finally lost in the preseason to the Jets, 28-18 thanks to poor performances by Matt Barkley, Tim Tebow and Kip Smith, who is probably kicking with the wrong leg. Barkley was traded to the Cardinals. Better late than never.

Tebow was so bad that Chip Kelly suggested it would be best if he left the country.

To replace both of them, the Eagles picked up Stephen Morris, who couldn't get a roster spot on the Jaguars. Exciting stuff.

This week: The early Monday Night Football game at home in Atlanta.

Tweet of the Week: Where are they now

Washington Redskins (3-1)

Last week: Lost to the Jaguars 17-16. Nobody cares about the game because everything else about the Redskins is a disaster. The least ridiculous thing the Redskins did was announce that non-season ticket holders will not be able to use will call. In fairness they are not the only team that does this. But for other teams, this would be a minor outrage. For the Redskins, it's just another day at the office. Because this week Redskins GM Scot McCloughan's wife accused ESPN reporter Dianna Russini of having an affair with her husband in exchange for inside information.

That is of course absurd. Russini's rise from nondescript local news reporter to ESPN started well before McCloughlan arrived in Washington.

Even more absurd was the Redskins' handling of the situation. Senior Vice President of Communications Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf Tony Wyllie said it was a fake account and they had alerted NFL security about the matter. Then they admitted it was real. Great work as usual.

But that's not all in the world of Redskins social media. Our tragic hero Robert Griffin III blamed an intern for his Instagram account liking a post critical of Dan Synder. And with RGIII no longer the starter, the Redskins were forced to change their marketing.

It gets worse.

A photo posted by Desean Jackson (@0ne0fone) on

The Redskins are reviewing their social media policy.

This week: It's the Week 1 Hot Seat Bowl as the Redskins host the Dolphins. Off the field, maybe someone will get arrested or indicted for fraud or find god and quit or really whatever you can think of is probably less ridiculous than the next Redskins soap opera plot twist.

Tweet of the Week: Ready for the season to start!

New York Giants (2-2)

Last week: Beat the Patriots 12-9. Last week I ran out of things to say about this boring and bad team. To illustrate how lame the Giants are:

Adrien Robinson did absolutely nothing his first two years in the league then last year had all of 5 catches. If that's shaking up the roster then Giants fans should just sleep through the season. Wake them when Coughlin is gone. Let's check in with Giants top pick and starting LT Ereck Flowers.

Good luck this season. You'll need it.

Eagles fans should hope the Giants trade for Kam Chancellor, who will both improve the Giants defense by virtue of actually being good, and yet not make any real difference to the outcome of the Giants, because they are far from a safety away from being a playoff team. And it will also weaken an NFC playoff team.

This week: vs Dallas on Sunday night. Every team gets a primetime game, best to get the Giants out of the way early when there's still a shred of hope.

Tweet of the Week: Hey it's our old friend Steve Weatherford. RIP Steve.

Dallas Cowboys (1-3)

Last week: Defeated the Texans 21-14. After the game, the Cowboys, who's offensive line will make literally anyone a 1500 yard rusher, felt the need to trade for running back. They acquired Christine Michael, who was a 2nd round draft pick in 2013 and the Seahawks gave away for peanuts.

Don't worry, the Cowboys will figure out what is wrong with him and fix it.

Nevermind, the coaching staff isn't even sure what they will do with him. But they have a plan. Jedi Masters always do.

We define ourselves by what we do as players, as coaches, as staff members and hopefully as a football team

This week: Host the Giants on Sunday Night. Those usually go well for the Cowboys.

Tweet of the week: Always good to have players who want to be there.

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