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Philadelphia Eagles Chip Kelly approval poll: September 2015

Do you approve of the job Chip Kelly is doing with the Philadelphia Eagles? Vote now.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Today we kick off the 2015 September edition of Philadelphia Eagles approval polls with head coach Chip Kelly.

The last time we polled Kelly's approval was three months ago back in June. A lot has changed since then. After looking great in preseason, the Eagles recently trimmed their roster down to the 53-man limit. The regular season is only a week away and there are many reasons to be excited about this team. The odds-makers see Philadelphia as a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

It's interesting to see that this team appears to be in good position to win games after having such a crazy offseason filled with significant personnel turnover. While Kelly has proven to be a good coach, there were questions about Kelly as a player personnel decision maker. Kelly will get the opportunity to further prove himself when the real games begin shortly.

So, do you approve of the job Chip Kelly has done with the Philadelphia Eagles? Vote now in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Chip Kelly Approval Polls:

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