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Stephen Morris is better than Tim Tebow and it is not close

*Takes a hit*

Let 's talk about third string quarterbacks.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It is over, guys. The obnoxious media attention surrounding the most polarizing backup's backup in the league is on its way out of Philadelphia. Tim Tebow was so awful that he could not secure the third quarterback job. Hell, he was so awful, he got cut despite Matt Barkley getting traded to Arizona. He literally lost to himself. He is THAT BAD at quarterback. With the third quarterback position left completely open, the Eagles picked up former Miami Hurricanes and Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback, Stephen Morris. While Morris may not be anything to throw a party over, we are talking about third string quarterbacks and he is worlds better than Timothy Richard Tebow.

The 6-2, 220 pound quarterback initially went undrafted out of Miami and not without reason. Morris was incredibly sporadic during his time at Miami. He would have brain farts; forcing passes, having mechanical breakdowns or really looking iffy in the pocket. However, it is not all bad. The first thing that people will notice if they watch Morris is his arm strength. It is absurd. No, seriously. Any stupid "he has a *insert generic weapon* for an arm" metaphor is apt. I mean, look at this! Not only does he have an arm, he is also a good athlete and a smart football player. He had a lot of very nice moments at Miami, enough that people thought he was a future top quarterback once upon a time. However, lack of consistency hindered him and it cost him.

So why the hullabaloo? Well, Tebow is gone! I am ecstatic. Do I have an ulterior motive? Yeah, probably, but he sucks! Morris will not set the world on fire, but having a young quarterback with workable tools is a much more exciting prospect than having Tebow's awfulness. Watching him try to read vanilla, preseason defenses this year was like watching a blind person put together a jigsaw puzzle. It was painful. It was awful. But now he is gone and his replacement is world's better.

What about Matt Barkley? Is Morris better than Matt Barkley? Well, considering that Matt Barkley does not have a throwing arm, just a box of Easy Mac attached to his shoulder, I would say yes. To be honest, we are all better than Matt Barkley.

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