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NFL Roster Cuts 2015: Eagles news, trade rumors, waivers, updates, and practice squad tracker

Read on for more news about the Eagles' roster moves.

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The Philadelphia Eagles officially trimmed their roster below the 53-man limit on Saturday but that doesn't necessarily mean the team will stop tweaking their roster. The Eagles may release players and sign others before their Week 1 game against the Atlanta Falcons. That game takes place just one week from tomorrow, by the way.

Part of Sunday's involves the NFL waiver wire and formation of 10-man practice squads. The Eagles rank 20th in the NFL waiver wire order so they will have to hope the 19 teams ahead of them don't want a player in order for their claim to be successful. The waiver period ends on at 12:00 PM EST.

As far as the practice squad is concerned, read this FAQ for more information on salary, eligibility, rules, etc. Teams can officially begin forming practice squads starting after 1:00 PM EST.

Keep track of the Eagles roster moves below. Check back often for the latest news and updates.

Eagles Practice Squad (CONFIRMED)

RB Raheem Mostert
LB Deontae Skinner
OL Brett Boyko
TE Chris Pantale
CB Randall Evans
OL Malcolm Bunche
WR Quron Pratt
S Ed Reynolds
DE Brian Mihalik
WR Freddie Martino

Cuts, practice squad additions, updates

[4:00 PM EST] EAGLES OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE 10-MAN PRACTICE SQUAD. No Rasheed Bailey, no Eric Tomlinson, no Diaheem Watkins. The Eagles did bring in a new tight end, however.

[2:33 PM EST] Ed Reynolds is back for another year on the practice squad. Two spots remain.

[2:22 PM EST] After spending the entire 2014 season on the practice squad, it looks like Quron Pratt will be back for another year.

[2:20 PM EST] Two more potential practice squad additions: sixth round pick Randall Evans and undrafted free agent offensive lineman Malcolm Bunche.

[1:15 PM EST] Diaheem Watkins could be headed to the practice squad.

[1:05 PM EST] No Eagles players have been claimed on waivers. This means that they can get any of their waived players back on the practice squad.

[1:00 PM EST] - It sounds like RB Raheem Mostert (source), LB Deontae Skinner (source), and OL Brett Boyko (source) will be on Philadelphia's practice squad.

[12:55 PM EST] The Eagles claimed former Jaguars quarterback Stephen Morris off waivers, per ESPN. Read more details here.

[12:00 PM EST] Uh oh, looks like the Eagles might decide to not keep Rasheed Bailey around.

[10:01 AM EST] Expect Raheem Mostert to be on the practice squad if he goes unclaimed. But will he go unclaimed?

[10:00 AM EST] To no surprise, the Eagles want sixth round pick Randall Evans on their practice squad.

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