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Eagles did NOT turn down fifth round draft pick offer from Dolphins for Matt Barkley, per source

Setting the record straight.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

A weird report emerged prior to the Eagles versus Jets preseason game on Thursday evening. The report indicated the Eagles turned down a fifth round pick in exchange for Matt Barkley earlier this offseason. I explained why the report didn't make sense at the time. There's nothing to suggest Barkley had so much trade value.

Now that Barkley has been traded to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for a conditional seventh round pick, the reporter decided to reveal some more information about her report:

If this report is true, which is hard to believe considering Barkley's perceived lack of value, it's easy to say the Eagles made a mistake and should have pulled the trigger back then.

However, a source tells me that it was actually the Miami Dolphins who backed out of a potential Barkley trade. The Dolphins made sense as a trade destination since Miami's offensive coordinator Bill Lazor used to be Barkley's quarterback coach in Philadelphia, but the team decided to sign Josh Freeman instead of giving up a pick for Barkley.

So there's no need to get mad at the Eagles.

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