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Eagles News: Darrelle Revis told Nelson Agholor he's going to be good

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/30/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Sturgis ready to kick for Eagles as Parkey goes on IR - DelawareOnline
Eagles rookie Nelson Agholor might have had a tough game against the Jets based on the statistics that showed he played 93 percent of the snaps, with four targets and no receptions. But that’s not necessarily how he saw it, and it’s not how the man guarding him for most of the game, All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis, saw it. "Obviously, everyone wants to impact the game with the ball in their hands, but how else do you impact the game?" Agholor said. "I felt like I competed for four quarters. At the end of the game, [Revis] looked at me and said, ‘Keep working. You’re going to be fine.’

Julian Vandervelde relives his 17 roster transactions, with facial expressions - PhillyVoice
By my count, Eagles offensive lineman Julian Vandervelde has been through 17 roster transactions, including being released seven times. Today, he took us through how he felt emotionally at the time of each of those 17 roster transactions, through facial expressions.

Trust the Board - Iggles Blitz
Back in 2011 Andy Reid wanted to draft Safety Jaiquawn Jarrett. Scouts and other members of the Personnel Dept objected. He wasn’t worth a 2nd round pick. Reid overruled them and took Jarrett. It wasn’t a good class for Safeties and the Eagles needed one. Reid ignored the value board and reached for a need. That didn’t go so well. This spring the Eagles hoped to land an O-lineman early in the draft. They had a number of players targeted. Unfortunately, those players all got taken early. When the 3rd round pick came up, the Eagles stuck with their board and took ILB Jordan Hicks.

Eagle Eye: The Rookies Came To Play -
Bair’s ability to interrupt passing lanes came in handy in the fourth quarter when the Eagles needed it most. He was able to deflect this Ryan Fitzpatrick pass, knocking the ball up into the waiting arms of rookie linebacker Jordan Hicks for his first career interception. Hicks made a huge impact in his first NFL start, that’s certainly not to my surprise. My affinity for the first-year player from Texas has never been a secret, and so far he’s lived up to the expectations that the coaching staff has had for him since drafting him in the third round. After knocking Tony Romo out of the game against the Cowboys, Hicks followed it up with another outstanding performance where he led the team in tackles. However, it was the little things that Hicks did that really impressed me when I watched the tape on Monday morning.

Cody Parkey: ‘It Just Gave Out On Me’ - Birds 24/7
"I honestly thought it just kept getting better and I guess in the long run it was just very fatigued, just something I kept pushing through," said Parkey. "And it was honestly starting to feel better so I'm not sure really what happened, it just kind of gave out on me along with the other two muscles in the groin." Parkey had an MRI earlier in the year, he said, "but this obviously showed the most going on." Had he been kicking with torn muscles for weeks now? "It's hard to say. It's hard to say. Regardless, I was happy I was able to get in the game and kind of help our team out. I know Caleb is here now. Caleb Sturgis is a great kicker and he's going to help us out a lot this year."

Sam Bradford's grade so far: Incomplete - Inquirer
So here are the Eagles now, three weeks into the regular season, and aside from the fevered comeback he led in that Week 1 loss in Atlanta, Bradford hasn't justified Kelly's leap of faith. The Eagles are 1-2, and Bradford has been skittish in the pocket, erratic with his passes, and reluctant to test opposing defenses with downfield throws. His performance has sparked a terrific chicken-or-egg debate: Has he played like this because of several mitigating factors, or has he played like this because this is how Sam Bradford plays? Everyone has his or her own answer to that question. Yes, this is Bradford. Yes, this is Bradford, but the offensive line needs to be better. Yes, this is Bradford, but the wide receivers don't get open. No, this isn't Bradford, or, better yet, this won't be Bradford. He's rusty after sitting out almost two full seasons with that knee injury; he'll improve in time. He has too much talent not to.

Chip Kelly hopes Eric Rowe continues to gain confidence - CSN Philly
"He's been really, really good," Kelly said Monday. "I think he understands that if you play that position in this league, people are going to catch the ball on you. No one is going to shut anybody down for every single play. "I thought he really handled it very well and has trained at a high level since that game and even up until that game. Didn't play very well in that game, but he didn't let that affect him. He doesn't hang his head. Doesn’t mope. Doesn’t go around here carrying the weight of the world on him.

Brains under pressure: Concussion crisis continues to haunt the NFL - BuffaloNews
For eight months, Kevin Kolb wasn’t Kevin Kolb. He was somebody else. Concussion No. 4 changed him. At night, he’d stare at the ceiling for four hours straight. His sleep cycle was warped beyond repair. In the morning, he’d brush his teeth in front of the mirror and see a cloud form around his face. Forget coffee. One cup spiraled him into a "whole different realm." When people spoke to Kolb, he couldn’t digest the information. His short- term memory? Shot.  Worst of all, his vision could blur at any moment.  "Almost like you’re drunk," Kolb said, "like everything is fuzzy all the way around you."  And that nearly killed him one day in Western New York.  After yet another sleepless night, four weeks after that concussion in Buffalo’s 2013 exhibition game against Washington, Kolb drove toward the team facility in Orchard Park from his residence in Lakeview. Suddenly, without even knowing, Kolb began veering into the middle of the road as another car approached him head-on at 50, 55 miles an hour.

The Bears punted 10 times and went the hell home - SB Nation
Sunday, the Bears' offense was Torgo. They didn't do anything, and they didn't attempt any illusion of doing anything. They just kind of hung out, and punted away the ball whenever it seemed like it was the polite thing to do. On the road, against a fearsome defense, and with a subpar backup quarterback, the deck was certainly stacked against the Bears, who responded with some of the most gutless play calling of the 21st century.

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