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Redskins player thinks Robert Griffin III would thrive with the Eagles

Which Washington player said this?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There's been some recent buzz connecting Robert Griffin III to the Philadelphia Eagles. There hasn't been anything too serious yet, but the Eagles are reportedly one of the teams who will be interested in the quarterback if Washington releases him.

Now one of Griffin's current teammates is linking him to the Eagles as well. Check out this quote from an anonymous starting Redskins offensive player, via ESPN's Josina Anderson:

"Philly. I think he could be really good there. That is what he ran in college. That’s the type of system that I’m sure he can imagine himself in...knowing how fast-paced it is, knowing how he can run, seeing what Nick Foles did in it, what Michael Vick did in it.. I think he would definitely thrive."

Now, this is obviously just one anonymous player's opinion. It is at least a little interesting they would go (somewhat) on record like this, so I wonder who it is.

As written the other night, Griffin makes sense for Philadelphia. It's just that Philadelphia probably doesn't make a lot of sense for Griffin, unless he's really willing to be a third string quarterback. It seems unlikely Griffin will want to settle like that, but who knows.

Is it just me or is this Griffin thing kind of starting to feel like the Marcus Mariota rumors all over again?

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