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NFL Power Rankings 2015, Week 4: Eagles prove they're still alive

Ranking all 32 NFL Teams.

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Now that Week 3 of the 2015 NFL regular season is over, it's time to see where all 32 teams rank. For reference purposes, here is a link to last week's NFL Power Rankings.

The Philadelphia Eagles kept their season alive by getting a win. Let's dive right in.


1) New England Patriots (Last Week: 1) - The champs are on fire right now. The Patriots offense obliterated the Jaguars' defense so bad that New England didn't even have to punt once. Tom Brady is playing like a man possessed. Scary team.

2) Green Bay Packers (LW: 2) - The Packers are so spoiled with Aaron Rodgers. He hasn't thrown an interception at Lambeau Field since 2012. He's thrown for 48 touchdowns since then. Ridiculous.

3) Denver Broncos (LW: 3) - Peyton Manning might not be what he used to be but that Denver defense sure looks strong. Wade Phillips is heck of a defensive coordinator and the Broncos have some really nice defensive talent, especially when it comes to pass rushers.

4) Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 4) - Hey, look at Andy Dalton looking good. The Bengals look legit.

5) Arizona Cardinals (LW: 5) - Speaking of legit, the Cardinals are off to another really good start this season. The team seems to be doing just fine despite losing Todd Bowles.

6) Seattle Seahawks (LW: 6) - Kam Chancellor is back and the Seahawks are on the board with a dominating shutout victory.

7) Atlanta Falcons (LW: 10) - Julio Jones has 34 receptions, 440 yards, and four touchdowns through a mere three games. He just might crack 2,000 yards receiving this season.

8) Buffalo Bills (LW: 14) - The Bills' defense is very good and now their offense is a threat with Tyrod Taylor at the helm. Buffalo looks legitimately good.

9) Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 11) - The Steelers are 2-1 but they're going to be without Ben Roethlisberger for several weeks so that's going to be costly. It's up to Michael Vick to keep the Steelers alive.

10) Minnesota Vikings (LW: 16) - After being beaten up by the 49ers in Week 1, the Vikings now look much better. Second-year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is playing well.

11) Carolina Panthers (LW: 13) - First the Jaguars, then the Texans, now the Saints led by Luke McCown. You can't say Carolina has had a very challenging path to 3-0.

12) Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 7) - Just when you think the Chiefs might be a contender, you remember Alex Smith is their quarterback. At least Kansas City finally threw a pass to a wide receiver!

13) New York Jets (LW: 9) - This Jets team probably isn't going anywhere fast with Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback, despite having a good defense. Bold, I know.

14) Dallas Cowboys (LW: 8) - Brandon Weeden is bad. That Dallas defense suddenly isn't looking so hot, either. The Cowboys look like they're in trouble with Tony Romo and Dez Bryant both out for a while.

15) Oakland Raiders (LW: 24) - Back to back wins for the Raiders! This Oakland team might not be so terrible.

16) San Diego Chargers (LW: 12) - San Diego has managed to lose two games in a row after starting out the season with a home win.

17) Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 28) - The Eagles proved they're still alive with an ugly win over New York. While Philadelphia's defense and special teams units look good, the offense is still slumping due to the struggles of Sam Bradford. The Eagles really need to improve on offense in order to sustain wins.

18) Indianapolis Colts (LW: 19) - Indy managed to escape Tennessee with a two point win. It was a win they desperately needed, but the Colts still don't look so great.

19) Baltimore Ravens (LW: 15) - The Ravens have had a really tough schedule so far. They traveled out to the west coast for the first two weeks of the season only to return home to play a tough division rival. Baltimore is 0-3 but at least they've played their opponents close.

20) Houston Texans (LW: 23) - The Texans aren't going anywhere fast with their bad quarterback situation but their defense is sure good enough to stop terrible teams like Tampa Bay.

21) St. Louis Rams (LW: 20) - The St. Louis offense is as bad as the Rams' defense is good.

22) Miami Dolphins (LW: 17) - Will Joe Philbin be the first head coach to be fired this season? The Dolphins haven't really looked good at all this season.

23) Detroit Lions (LW: 18) - The Lions are off to an 0-3 start after making the playoffs last year. Detroit's offense is really struggling. Matthew Stafford ranks 37th out of 37 quarterbacks as graded by Pro Football Focus.

24) New York Giants (LW: 29) - Facing a turnover machine like Kirk Cousins is just what the leaky Giants' defense needed.

25) New Orleans Saints (LW: 22) - Luke McCown didn't look as bad as expected, but the Saints still don't seem to be going anywhere fast.

26) Cleveland Browns (LW: 25) - The Browns are just wasting time with Josh McCown. It's time to live or die by Johnny Football.

27) Washington Redskins (LW: 27) - Kirk Cousins has now thrown 23 career interceptions, the same amount as Robert Griffin III. Cousins managed to do it in about 600 less attempts, though.

28) San Francisco 49ers (LW: 21) - Two straight weeks where the 49ers have gotten absolutely smoked. San Francisco now looks as bad as everyone was expecting them to be.

29) Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 26) - The Jaguars didn't even look like a professional football team as they were obliterated by the Patriots.

30) Tennessee Titans (LW: 30) - Former Eagles quarterback Marcus Mariota ranks seventh overall in passer rating. The Titans at least have some hope for the future.

31) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW: 31) - This team isn't good and Lovie Smith just doesn't do anything for me.

32) Chicago Bears (LW: 32) - Surprise: the Bears, led by Jimmy Clausen, got shut out in Seattle. Chicago's offense was so bad that they had to punt 10 times. And the punter suffered an injury due to excessive use.

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