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The NFC East is awesome and cool and stuff

Have you heard the news? Everyone's talking. Life is good 'cause everything's awesome.

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Last week, the NFC East looked like a joke. The Cowboys were in the driver's seat to win the division, but the car they were sitting in was actually located in a salvage yard. The Redskins won a single game. The Giants were finding new ways to blow leads. The Eagles looked like the season was already over. But this week? Everything is awesome, especially if you're an Eagles fan.

Dallas Cowboys (2-1)

Last week: With no Tony Romo and no Dez Bryant, you'd think the Cowboys passing attack was in bad shape. But not to Jerry Jones. Because everything's awesome.

Weeden did throw a pretty ball to William Moore.

On the back of that performance, which included just one deep pass by Weeden (well, three if you count that interception and a play that was wiped out by a penalty), the Cowboys showed the Giants how you blow a lead by going up 14-0 halfway through the first quarter against the Falcons, only to lose by 11, 39-28. The Greatest Offensive Line In NFL History had itself an awesome day.

Jerseys from the game have been shipped to Canton.

This week: Jason Garrett gets to call plays coach against his former defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan, as the Cowboys visit the Saints.

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New York Giants (1-2)

Last week: Managed to not blow a fourth quarter lead against the Redskins, winning 32-21. The defense had a great game by managing to keep a team under 400 yards for the first time this season as the G-Men held the Redskins to just 393 yards, a season high for the Redskins. The Giants attempts to turn back the clock to when they were good know no bounds.

Everything's awesome.

This week: The New York Giants travel to New York to play the Bills.

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Philadelphia Eagles (1-2)

This week: THE EAGLES ARE BACK BABY. Defeated the undefeated Jets 24-17 thanks to Darren Sproles, Darren Sproles, and Darren Sproles. The defense looked really good, special teams scored a touchdown rather than give one up, and the run game resembled a game of electronic football, which is to say it was a massive improvement. In the passing attack, the offensive line did a nice job against Todd Bowles' blitz happy defense, giving Sam Bradford a clean pocket on 75% of his 28 pass attempts.

The Eagles gained just 59 yards in the second half. Everything is awesome.

This week: Travel to the Ryongsong Residence FedEx Field to play the Redskins with a chance to move into second place in the division!

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Washington Redskins (1-2)

Last week: Another fantastic week in the nation's capital. After rising to an impressive 1-1 start, the Redskins returned to Earth by not mounting a comeback against the Giants. Franchise quarterback Curt Cousins threw two interceptions

Perhaps he will get benched for Colt McCoy again. Even RGIII had a rough week despite actually being allowed to put on pads and a uniform, because RGII was sentenced to jail for reckless driving during training camp. You really can't blame the guy though, if I was at Redskins camp I'd probably commit a crime too and I don't even have a kid on the team who the coach hates.

This week: Host the suddenly surging in the first half Eagles.

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