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NFL teams don't know Eagles' signals, but players have figured out Chip Kelly's run schemes

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Following the Eagles' embarrassing loss to the Cowboys last week, wide receiver Josh Huff made an interesting comment about Dallas knowing the plays Philadelphia was going to run. Huff later backed off those comments, but now NFL insider is offering some interesting insight on the situation:

So, Rapoport says teams don't necessarily know the Eagles' signals ... it's just that the players are very familiar with Kelly' offensive schemes. In the case of the Cowboys game, Dallas had an extra advantage of having a former Oregon player familiar with the Eagles' scheme.

Kelly has cited execution issues as one of the biggest problems with the team's offense. The fact that other teams know what's coming has hindered the Eagles' ability to execute thus far. After dropping to 0-2, it's up to Kelly to fix this problem and fast.

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