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NFL Fantasy Football: Week 3 best and worst picks

These are the Eagles players you should pick or avoid for 2015 NFL Week 3.

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SB Nation has partnered with FanDuel, which is a daily and one-week fantasy game. It's like your regular fantasy football leagues in that you pick players to represent your team and they put up points based on their stats. Where it's different is that you're not drafting the players. You're starting with a given amount of money and purchasing the players based on their prices. It's like playing fantasy but with a salary cap and you can win money each week. It's pretty cool.

So now that you're interested in checking it out, I'm here to guide you with who you should/shouldn't pick to be in your fantasy lineup as far as Philadelphia Eagles players are concerned. The Eagles are scheduled to play the Dallas Cowboys this week.

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QB: I used to think Sam Bradford was a bargain, but really he's just not worth your money while the Eagles' offense is in such disarray. The Jets' secondary won't make life easy on him. He's the 17th most expensive quarterback this week. For example, former Eagles quarterback Marcus Mariota is only $100 more and he's going up against an 0-2 Colts team.

RB: There's just no way you can count on an Eagles running back to actually be good right now, right? They're off to an historically bad start. DeMarco Murray is expected to play but he suffered a hamstring tweak during practice this week so one can't imagine he's 100%. Maybe Ryan Mathews will get more touches, so that's something to at least consider. Darren Sproles is the only Eagles running back worth a damn right now since he also provides value as a receiver.

WR: Despite the drops, Jordan Matthews is the Eagles' most productive receiver and it's not even close. He's only the 16th most expensive receiver so he can offer some decent value. The 6-3 Matthews is likely going up against 5-9 Buster Skrine in the slot. Skrine is good, but Matthews clearly has a height advantage. No other Eagles receivers are really worth your money right now.

TE: Zach Ertz played more snaps than Brent Celek for the second straight week. I wouldn't call Ertz a must-start by any means due to the way the offense looks but he could be a guy to take a flier on if you're looking to save money for other positions.

K: Cody Parkey made a 46-yard field goal in Week 2, which is an encouraging sign for him. The problem is that the Eagles offense is struggling and won't likely put up a ton of points against the Jets' defense. Stay away.

DEF: I toy back and forth with this one. On one hand, the Jets' offense isn't all that threatening and the Eagles' defense looked pretty solid in Week 2. On the other hand, the Eagles' defense might be on the field entirely too long this Sunday if Philadelphia's offense can't sustain drives. The Eagles are also missing several key starters, including Kiko Alonso, Mychal Kendricks, and Cedric Thornton. There are probably worse defenses to pick, but they are also better options.


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