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Eagles odds of making 2016 NFL playoffs aren't looking so great

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

It doesn't seem all that long ago when various NFL experts were predicting the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl this year. How quickly things have changed. After the first two weeks of the 2015 NFL regular season schedule, the Eagles are now 0-2. Forget about the Super Bowl ... can the Eagles still even make the playoffs?

Yes. They can. But the odds certainly don't favor it. Check out this stat from OddsShark:

Since 2007, 66 teams have started 0-2. Only five of them turned it around to make the playoffs and one (the 2008 San Diego Chargers) made it with an 8-8 record. The Indianapolis Colts from last season, the 2013 Carolina Panthers, the 2008 Minnesota Vikings, and the 2007 New York Giants are the only others.

Note that not all 0-2 records are the same. The 2014 Colts were 0-1 in conference games and 0-0 in their division. The 2013 Panthers were 0-1 in the conference games and 0-0 in their division. The 2008 Vikings were 0-1 in conference games and their division. The 2008 Chargers were 0-1 in their conference and 0-0 in their division.

By comparison, the Eagles are worse off than those other 0-2 teams because they are 0-2 in their conference and 0-1 in the division. Note that division and conference records are often important when it comes to playoff seeding tiebreakers. Part of the reason why the Eagles were still able to make the playoffs in 2013 despite starting out 1-3 was because all of those losses came to AFC teams, so they weren't as damaging. The Eagles were still 1-0 in division and conference play.

According to Football Outsiders, the Eagles still have a 22.9% chance to qualify for the postseason. The Cowboys and Giants are the two NFC East teams with better outlooks. The folks at numberFire, meanwhile, give the Eagles a 25.5% chance of making it to the playoffs.

If the Eagles are going to turn their season around, it needs to happen this week. The team hasn't done much to inspire a lot of confidence in this point, and they face a tough matchup on the road against the 2-0 New York Jets. If Philadelphia can somehow revive their offense and muster a win, they can keep hope alive in a weak NFC East division.

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