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Chip Kelly says Josh Huff told him Cowboys didn't know Eagles' signals

Backtracking 101.

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Huff's comments about the Cowboys knowing the Eagles' signals in Philadelphia's Week 2 loss to Dallas made headlines on Tuesday.

But now there is some serious backtracking going on. Prior to Wednesday's practice, Chip Kelly spoke with the media and said that Huff told him the Cowboys didn't know Philadelphia's signals.

"I just asked him about that, he didn't say that to us," Kelly said. "I just asked Josh, 'do you think they knew our signals?' and he said no. I said, Josh do you think they're picking up on things and he said no."

OK, then.

After practice, at least one reporter circled back with Huff to get his thoughts on Kelly's comments. The wide receiver's response:

Kelly didn't seem very concerned about Dallas knowing the Eagles' signals. Instead, he (unsurprisingly) said the team needs to execute better.

"I think we’ve been varied in our two games, and through our preseason and everything, we’ve been doing a different job, changing formations and things like that. When you’re not successful, I think guys are grasping at excuses, to be honest with you. We still need to block and tackle," Kelly said. "What I’m saying is we need to execute."

The truth is predictability and poor execution are both likely to blame for the Eagles' offensive struggles. Now it's up to Kelly to get those issues sorted out in a hurry or else risk dropping to 0-3 to start the 2015 season.

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