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2015 NFL Power Rankings: A lot of people are giving up on the Eagles

Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

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James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a round-up of how various Internet media outlets have ranked the Philadelphia Eagles in their NFL power rankings. Let's start by revisiting mine.

Bleeding Green Nation

28) This may seem like an overreaction but the Eagles can barely even get a freaking first down. The defense looks like it can be solid, but the offense is beyond terrible. The run game is historically awful. It's hard to have confidence in this team beating anyone until they step up and prove they can. (LW: 8)

SB Nation

21) I wouldn't say that any team should be panicked after only two weeks -- it's a long season and crazy things always happen -- but fans in Seattle, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Detroit and Philadelphia are certainly concerned. The Ravens' start has been fairly perplexing as well, but definitely not as perplexing as the Eagles' first two games. Philly has only managed 70 yards on 33 carries this year and DeMarco Murray -- the NFL's leading rusher from 2014 -- has all of 11 yards this season. (LW: 9)


22) Sam Bradford's average completion has been caught 3.2 yards past the line of scrimmage, better than only Matt McGloin. The league average completion is caught 6.0 yards past the line. (LW: 15)

28) After letting Cowboys at Eagles digest for 20 hours, I'm comfortable saying that the performance we all saw at the Linc on Sunday might be worse than anything from Andy Reid's ill-fated swan-song season of 2012. In fact, those looked like the 1999 Eagles out there Sunday, playing like the squad that stumbled all over the field in Reid's first year as a head coach. It appeared as though nothing was working. And even though Dallas was up just 13-3, sans its two best players, with 14 minutes and change (an eternity in the NFL) remaining ... did even the most ardent Eagles fans think their team had a chance? To make matters worse, the Cowboys were without the services of Orlando Scandrick and Randy Gregory on defense -- yet still, Philly couldn't even mount a challenge. The Eagles gained a grand total of seven yards rushing on Sunday. (Well, at least they ran it 17 times!) Get the ground game going, Chip, and things will get better. (LW: 19)

CBS (Prisco)

20) Isn't this supposed to be an offensive machine? Somebody needs to get in there and fix it. It's bad right now. (LW: 20)

CBS (Kirwan)

29) Things couldn't have started much worse for Chip Kelly. His team looks in disarray in all three phases. About the only good news right now is that his QB is still healthy (LW: 19)


18) Not sure where they go from here. I can't assume DeMarco Murray forgot how to play, or Sam Bradford is that much worse than Nick Foles or Byron Maxwell is this awful. But right now the Eagles are a bad football team. I assume an improvement is coming, but it better happen soon. (LW: 14)

FOX Sports

22) The Eagles are generating pressure on defense and making stops in the run game, but their pass coverage has once again allowed too many chunk yardage plays. On offense, their patchwork interior offensive line has stalled the running and passing games. Sam Bradford is a rhythm quarterback who needs a clean pocket. (LW: 17)


22) The Eagles find themselves in a 0-2 hole after what might have been the worst professional football performance by any team, ever. The only positive take-away from Sunday's game was that it thankfully only lasted 60 minutes. Troy Aikman said it best, "Chip Kelly should be embarrassed, I am embarrassed, and everyone watching should be embarrassed." (LW: 14)


30) Those smoothies have turned the offensive line into a sieve. (LW: 19)

USA Today

22) By our calculations, DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews are costing Chip Kelly about $97,000 per yard so far.  (LW: 12)


21) Chip Kelly admitted to being embarrassed by how poorly his revamped Eagles team played in a home loss to the Cowboys. Eagles fans share his sentiments. Up next: at MetLife Stadium to face the turnover machine known as the Jets' defense. (LW: 17)

Washington Post

19) At his current pace, RB DeMarco Murray would need a 336-game regular season to match his rushing total last season with the Cowboys. The NFL Players Association would be likely to object. (LW: 17)


The rankings range from as high as 18 to as low as 30. 22 was the most common ranking. 22.8 is the average ranking. That's 6.5 spots down from last week's average ranking of 16.3.

The Eagles could fall even closer to the bottom this week if/when they lose the 2-0 Jets. New York's defenes has looked especially good through two weeks while the Eagles offense is barely showing any signs of life.

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