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Cowboys knew what plays the Eagles were running before the ball was snapped, says Josh Huff

This isn't a total surprise.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

At least one Eagles player seems to think part of Philadelphia's offensive struggles against the Cowboys had to do with the fact the Birds were too predictable. In fact, Josh Huff basically said the Cowboys knew what was coming.

This isn't the first time we've heard this said before. There was some talk after the Eagles-49ers game last year that San Francisco knew what was coming. It's popped up after a few other games as well, I think.

I don't think Chip Kelly is always trying to fake out the defense. I think he believes in execution. Meaning, it shouldn't matter if the defense knows what's coming if the players are doing what they're supposed to be doing. And he's right to a certain extent. Even if the Cowboys didn't know what was coming against the Eagles, Philadelphia still probably would have lost. The Eagles offensive line didn't block well. Passes were dropped. Throws to open receivers weren't made. And so on. With that said, the fact that the Cowboys knew what was coming could have made it harder for the Eagles to execute properly. They're not unrelated factors.

The Eagles also aren't the only team that has this happen to them. In fact, this has already been an issue with the Seahawks at least once this year. And similar to the Seattle situation, the Eagles were playing a division opponent. Teams you play twice a year every year are always bound to be more familiar with the team.

Still, this is yet another issue the Eagles need to work on. As if this team didn't have enough problems on their hands.

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