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NFL Power Rankings 2015, Week 3: Eagles drop near the bottom of the league

Ranking all 32 NFL Teams.

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Now that Week 2 of the 2015 NFL regular season is over, it's time to see where all 32 teams rank. For reference purposes, here is a link to last week's NFL Power Rankings.

The Philadelphia Eagles looked downright awful in their loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Let's dive right in.


1) New England Patriots (Last Week: 1) - The reigning champs went into Buffalo and took care of business. Quality win. Oddly enough, the Patriots have only won their most recent Super Bowl titles in years where they lost to the Bills in the regular season. So maybe they should have lost? Nah.

2) Green Bay Packers (LW: 2) - Aaron Rodgers is so good that it's unfair. The Packers got their revenge over Seattle after losing in the NFC Championship Game earlier this year.

3) Denver Broncos (LW: 4) - Though Peyton Manning has been shaky, the Denver defense looks pretty good. The Broncos hold a lead in the competitive AFC West.

4) Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 5) - The Bengals don't generate a lot of hype since they're kind of boring, but they win games which is really the only thing that matters. Of course, these regular season wins end up being irrelevant until Marv Lewis can actually win a playoff game.

5) Arizona Cardinals (LW: 11) - Arizona seems to be handling life after Todd Bowles pretty well. The Cardinals beat up on the Bears in Chi-town.

6) Seattle Seahawks (LW: 3) - The Seahawks may be winless but it's hard to count them out just yet. They've had two tough road matchups in back-to-back weeks. Paying Kam Chancellor at some point might be a good idea. Seattle should bounce back. Right?

7) Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 6) - Poor game management from Andy Reid and a bad late fumble from Jamaal Charles fumble cost KC a chance to take the division lead. It just feels like the Chiefs can't get the best of the Broncos lately.

8) Dallas Cowboys (LW: 7) - The good news for the Cowboys is they're 2-0 with two division wins. Typically, that's a perfect start to the season. However, the Cowboys' injury situation is extremely concerning. Losing Dez Bryant and Tony Romo for an extended period of time is really bad for Dallas.

9) New York Jets (LW: 17) - The Jets have forced 10 takeaways so far this season. They've only allowed 17 points.

10) Atlanta Falcons (LW: 19) - The Falcons' offense (see: Julio Jones) is tough to stop.

11) Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 15) - Pittsburgh demolished the 49ers and now Le'Veon Bell is back.

12) San Diego Chargers (LW: 10) - Cincy is really good at home, so there's not a lot of shame for the Bolts losing a close one there.

13) Carolina Panthers (LW: 18) - Facing off against the Jaguars and Texans to start the season is a favorable schedule. Easy path to 2-0.

14) Buffalo Bills (LW: 14) - The Bills clearly aren't ready to hang with the Patriots at the top of the AFC East but they're trying to close the gap.

15) Baltimore Ravens (LW: 9) - The Ravens are 0-2 but both losses were on the road and they were both close games. They've lost by a combined score of 10 points. Traveling out west in back-to-back weeks to start the season is rough, so I'll given Baltimore the benefit of the doubt for now.

16) Minnesota Vikings (LW: 24) - After really struggling in Week 1, the Vikings got back on track at home with a decisive win over a division opponent. Solid.

17) Miami Dolphins (LW: 13) - The Dolphins looked bad in their win over Washington and now they lost to the Jags. This doesn't seem to be a team on the rise.

18) Detroit Lions (LW: 16) - It was only last week that the Lions were up big on the Chargers and looked to be good. Ever since blowing that lead, however, they have really struggled.

19) Indianapolis Colts (LW: 12) - This Colts teams should probably be even lower but they might find a way to rebound against some of their lesser division opponents. Indianapolis has managed to score 21 points in two weeks so far. To be fair, they've faced two good defenses.

20) St. Louis Rams (LW: 21) - Nick Foles averaged a paltry 4.68 yards per attempt against Washington's defense.

21) San Francisco 49ers (LW: 20) - So much for the 49ers being a little better than everyone thought they'd be. San Fran got smoked on the road.

22) New Orleans Saints (LW: 22) - The Saints are bad and Drew Brees might be hurt. Not a good combination.

23) Houston Texans (LW: 23) - It doesn't really matter who starts at quarterback for the Texans when both options aren't any good.

24) Oakland Raiders (LW: 29) - Pretty legitimate win for the Raiders having scored 37 points on Baltimore. I always believed in you, Oakland.

25) Cleveland Browns (LW: 28) - Johnny Football wasn't perfect, but he played well enough to help the Browns win. He's certainly more inspiring than Josh McCown, which isn't really saying much.

26) Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 30) - The Jags edged out a struggling Miami team.

27) Washington Redskins (LW: 31) - Washington picked up a quality win at home over St. Louis. Washington's success is made possible by a good running game and a solid defense. This team isn't good, but they might not as bad as some may have expected.

28) Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 8) - This may seem like an overreaction but the Eagles can barely even get a freaking first down. The defense looks like it can be solid, but the offense is beyond terrible. The run game is historically awful. It's hard to have confidence in this team beating anyone until they step up and prove they can.

29) New York Giants (LW: 25) - The New York defense is bad and the G-Men look very unimpressive yet again.

30) Tennessee Titans (LW: 27) - A week after Marcus Mariota looked so good in this NFL regular season debut, the former Oregon Ducks quarterback struggled on the road in Cleveland.

31) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW: 32) - I never would have thought the Bucs would be able to win a road game against a division opponent.

32) Chicago Bears (LW: 26) - Chicago got blown out at home and lost Jay Cutler to injury. It didn't take long for things to go south for the Bears.

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