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Eagles News: Sam Bradford is not playing well

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/22/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Sam Bradford was inaccurate against the Cowboys, in gif form - PhillyVoice
Personally, I just don't think the Eagles made any plays offensively, easy or hard. They simply stunk. The Eagles couldn't catch, they absolutely couldn't block, and Sam Bradford didn't throw the ball well, as we'll show below. While he took his share of the blame during other portions of his day-after press conference, Kelly echoed those blocking/catching/throwing sentiments this afternoon.

Sam Bradford shares blame for Eagles' early-season woes - Inquirer
Sam Bradford did not play well against the Cowboys on Sunday. He wasn't the main problem. He also wasn't the solution. But his interception to Sean Lee was emblematic of a larger issue that goes beyond the quarterback. The Eagles trailed the Cowboys, 13-0, midway through the third quarter, but they had an opportunity to narrow the lead to six when the offense advanced inside the Dallas 5-yard line.

Eagle Eye: Examining The Offense -
I know that fans of the team want to know what the issue is and how to fix it. Everyone wants that. After watching the game back (over and over and over again), it really was a complete team effort on the offensive side of the football. It starts up front in the run game. With the additions of DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews, the assumption was that this offense would continue to be focused on the ground attack, and it has yet to even be a serviceable way to move the ball thus far in 2015. The Eagles ran the ball 16 times yesterday with their running backs. Murray had 14 carries (with one coming back because of a penalty), and both Mathews and Darren Sproles had a carry each. Of those 16 touches, the running back was hit at or before the line of scrimmage 11 times. The result? Just one run of more than 3 yards on the entire day. It doesn’t matter how you draw it up on the whiteboard or how many wrinkles you add to your scheme, if you can’t execute your blocks up front you’re not going to be able to move the ball on the ground.

Even at 0-2, Eagles are in better shape than Dallas Cowboys -
On the surface and coming off the debacle that was Sunday's 20-10 Eagles' loss to the Dallas Cowboys, this might sound insane. Two weeks into the season and I'd rather be the Eagles than the Cowboys. Before you call the authorities and asked to have me put away, hear me out.

Minor Personnel Moves - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles cut TE Connor Hamlett from the practice squad and added TE Chris Pantale. There were reports that Pantale had been signed a couple of weeks ago, but he wasn’t healthy at that point. I guess he is now. Pantale played for Ryan Day at Boston College. He has good size and potential as a blocker. Could challenge for a roster spot in the future, but might be another player that is here to help with practice.

Chip Kelly ‘Embarrassed’ About Cowboys Loss - Birds 24/7
Chip Kelly spoke to the media this afternoon a day after the Eagles’ 20-10 loss to the Cowboys. Here are some highlights from the conversation, including why he was embarrassed and what they need to change going forward. Kelly was candid when asked about his feelings on yesterday’s loss. "I don’t know how the players feel, but I was embarrassed. That’s not the way we’re supposed to play football and that’s not what we’re all about."

Chip Kelly created the Eagles' mess — now he has to clean it up - CSN Philly
This is Year 3 now for Chip Kelly. Let’s think about that for a minute. In Year 3, Andy Reid went to the NFC Championship Game. By Year 3, Ray Rhodes had already been to the playoffs twice. By Year 3, even Rich Kotite had won a playoff game, and Buddy Ryan had advanced to the second round of the playoffs. Chip Kelly isn’t the new guy anymore. He’s 35 games into his career as the Eagles’ head coach, and 35 games in, he and his football team should be far beyond putting this kind of embarrassing product on the football field.

NFL Winners and Losers: The Steelers Light It Up, the Eagles Fall to Pieces - Grantland
Kelly’s approach to his ground attack this offseason was simple. He’d make up for cutting his two starting guards and trading his star running back by bringing on a pair of backs that better fit his offense. The decision to run $22 million guaranteed of running backs behind $1.1 million of guards seems to be backfiring. Kelly hoped the decisiveness of Murray would be enough to close the gap between Evan Mathis and Allen Barbre. But so far, even Murray hasn’t had enough time to make decisions behind the Eagles’ line.

MMBM: Who is God's favorite NFL QB? - SB Nation
Jesus Christ is locked in a messy custody battle between Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. God has proven himself to be somewhat of a fair-weather fan over the past couple of years, flip-flopping between the Seahawks, Packers, Patriots, and Ravens. Historically Russell Wilson tends to imply after loses that God has selected him to suffer for no other reason then to just see if he has the faith to overcome it. I like to have some fun with it and say thats the difference between Wilson and Tom Brady- one says "Do Your Job" and the other says "I am Job." Alls it takes is one look at the Lesion of Boom and its no wonder Wilson thinks Gods testing him by getting under his skin.

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