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The NFC East is a disaster, and your favorite team can still win it -- but won't

It's time to panic. PANIC.

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When we last checked in on our beloved NFC East, every team stunk, but Week 1 often serves as an aberration and issues start to sort themselves out in Week 2. Not this year. Everyone is in some form of disaster mode.

Dallas Cowboys (2-0)

Last week: Claimed their second straight Pyrrhic victory in a 20-10 win over the Eagles. After losing Dez Bryant for 4 to 6 to 10 to 12 weeks with a broken foot in a win over the Giants, the Cowboys lost Tony Romo for an estimated-but-who-actually-knows-in-Dallas 8 weeks. It doesn't really matter how they won on Sunday, because now the Cowboys turn to Brandon Weeden for half the season, which means they're pretty much screwed. And yet, they are in first place. The NFC East continues to be awful.

This week: Host the Falcons, winner takes sole control of the NFC East.

Disaster level: High. With no Romo and no Bryant, the division is anyone's.

Tweet of the Week:

I don't want to know why that's the lowest thing he could think of.

Washington Redskins (1-1)

Last week: Defeated the Rams 24-10, ending the Rams hype from last week and having people actually think a team coached by Jay Gruden and QB'ed by Curt Cousins can win the division, because they actually won a game.

The excitement in DC over this is palpable.

This week: Visit the Giants on Thursday night. Thursday night games are usually crap, and because it's the Giants and Redskins it's going to be crap, but this is one game where you want it to be crap. Misery loves company.

Disaster level: High. This is the Redskins, they're always a disaster.

Tweet of the Week: Serve returned.

New York Giants (0-2)

Last week: Made history.

With a 20-10 lead in the fourth quarter, the Giants looked like they would get their first win of the season, over the Falcons. They had an 83% chance of winning with 4:36 to go in the game, and with the ball. So they called two pass plays. They completed both passes, but that's beside the point, good clock management doesn't happen in hindsight. Once again the football gods smited the Giants to another blown lead, they lost 24-20.

This week: Host the Redskins on Thursday, giving them only a few days to prepare a new and exciting way to blow another lead.

Disaster level: Low. Given the state of the division and that the Giants weren't far from winning both games, this team will win the NFC East with a 7-9 record and get Tom Coughlin a contract extension.

Tweet of the Week: If it's obvious, why do you have to point it out?

Philadelphia Eagles (0-2)

Last week: Somehow played even worse than last week, lost to the Cowboys 20-10. Sam Bradford did nothing, the run game and special teams did less than nothing, and Byron Maxwell looks like a guy who just wanted to get paid, which he has said he is. Pretty much everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. At least they're consistent!

There were actually some bright spots. The run defense was good against the Greatest Offensive Line in History, and some members of the secondary actually played well.

That's the best play he's ever made. Move him to safety.

In the off-season, some compared the Eagles to a Ferrari. Turns out they were right.

But Dave, you say, unlike the Eagles, Ferrari won on Sunday. You're right. Guess they're just Kimi Raikkonen, overpaid on past glories, short on answers and taking a shit.

This week: Visit the Jets, who actually have a good defensive line so let's have a preemptive moment of silence for the offensive line.

Thank you.

Disaster level: Through the roof. Nothing is working and Texas is 1-2 and will have a new Athletic Director.

Tweets of the Week: Sad but true.

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