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Eagles News: Chip Kelly deserves all the blame

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/21/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles' run game was historically bad in loss to the Cowboys - BGN
Sunday's performance puts this game in some historic company. And not in a good way.

Eagles' terrible start is all on Chip Kelly - Inquirer
All of this - this unspeakable, 20-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys; this 0-2 start; this offense that is not outscheming or outmuscling or outculturing anyone - rests in a pile at Chip Kelly's toes. If it was reasonable to think that after an offseason of such upheaval, it might take the Eagles a while to find their stride, the last two weeks have been inexcusable. For three out of four halves, the Eagles offense hasn't been competent. Sunday was a sheer nightmare. It was as if the 11 men who lined up for each snap had never practiced together, had never scrimmaged or played a minute of preseason football together, had never even met.

Handing out 10 awards from the Eagles-Cowboys game - PhillyVoice
For almost the entirety of the game the Eagles had negative rushing yards. At one point they had 9 carries for -14 yards. After some garbage time rushes, they finally finished with 7 rushing yards. 7 freaking rushing yards! I mean, Cowboys backup QB Brandon Weeden had 11! Weeden has as many rushing yards this season as DeMarco Murray.

Chip Kelly: 'Nothing worked' for Eagles against Cowboys - CSN Philly
It took him longer than usual to materialize. After the Eagles lost to the Cowboys, 20-10, at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, Chip Kelly stayed in the locker room for a while. He said he was talking to the team and telling the Eagles that they need to stick together and figure it out. When he addressed the media, Kelly admitted that they don’t have anything figured out. Not right now. Not on any front. And definitely not in the running game. "If we can’t run the football," Kelly said, "we’re not going to win many football games."

If the Eagles can't run, the Eagles can't win -
Here's all you need to know about the Eagles' running game: After two games DeMarco Murray is on pace to gain 88 yards for the season. A year ago when he led the NFL in rushing as a member of the Cowboys, an 88-yard game would have been an off day. Now after two weeks and two losses, Murray has carried the ball 21 times for 11 yards. Sunday in a 20-10 loss to his old team, he carried 13 times for two yards. Kind of makes that eight-carry, nine-yard game against the Falcons look pretty good.

Ugly x Infinity - Iggles Blitz
There are no definitive conclusions to be drawn from this game. This loss doesn’t mean Sam Bradford is a bad QB and the trade was wrong. Or that DeMarco Murray isn’t a good RB. This doesn’t mean Chip Kelly’s offense has been exposed. And on and on. This was group failure. There were breakdowns all over the place. Jason Peters missing easy blocks. Jason Kelce had a bad game, topped with an early snap that gave the ball back to Dallas. Jordan Matthews dropped a pass. Miles Austin dropped a pass. Riley Cooper failed to make a grab on a ball that came his way. It seemed like every offensive player had at least one moment in the game that hurt the team. And Sam Bradford…he was just awful. Bad reads. Bad decisions. Bad throws. Bad, bad, bad game.

Maxwell: ‘We Were On The Field All Day’ - Birds 24/7
Maybe Byron Maxwell really was just tired. When Brandon Weeden hit Terrance Williams for a 42-yard touchdown to effectively seal the Cowboys’ 20-10 win over the Eagles on Sunday, Maxwell was the primary cornerback in coverage. Williams beat Maxwell on a short post route and turned up the field for six points, and Maxwell wasn’t within 15 yards of his man when the ball crossed the plane. “He just got inside of me,” Maxwell said after the game. “We were on the field all day, he got inside of me, I couldn’t really explode. I didn’t feel tired, I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get to him.”

A Lot To Fix For Eagles At 0-2 -
In the wake of such a disappointing 20-10 loss on Sunday with the Dallas Cowboys in town, it’s important to have perspective. Yes, the Eagles are in a deep, deep hole. And yes there is time to fix the problems in the course of a long, long NFL season …

Chip Kelly might have made a ton of horrible moves - SB Nation
The 0-2 Eagles are struggling, and nearly every one of Chip Kelly's offseason acquisitions has underperformed.

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