What They're Saying: NFC edition.

What They're Saying About the Birds: Comments by opposing fans from their forum boards.

I collected these totally cherry picked Eagles related comments when browsing around the SB Nation NFL community forums, and figured I share them here with you fine folks for our entertainment. Please keep in mind that this was a 'copy & paste' project, so any grammatical errors belong to the author of the comment.

Each comment is grouped by team and division, including user name of the comment author, as well as the date it was posted. Comments were chosen based on their relative value of Eagle homerism.

May or may not make an AFC version, depends on how lazy I feel later.


NFC East

New York Giants

There is no one on the waiver wire that jumps out at this time...but maybe after the last preseason game. Maybe some players that can fit will fall thru the waiver process. At this stage the Giants are way behind the likes of the Eagles…. a little closer to Cowboys (with their suspensions) and not far ahead of Redskins….

~giantsbizzybody1 on Sep 1, 2015

Bradford is starting to scare me.

If his knees hold up, Philly’s got a big, young receiving corps, a good stable of RB’s, quality TE’s. Their offense could be really, really good this season.

~Mumble on Sep 1, 2015

The Iggles have owned the Giants the last few years. Anyone who can’t see their talent gap over the Giants needs their eyes examined. It appears their haters are pinning their hopes on Bradford getting hurt. If the Giants had their roster, we’d all be giddy.

~nyg1956 on Sep 1, 2015

I hate to agree.

But the Eagles seem to have picked up where they left off or took it up a notch since last season even after getting rid of stud players. It’s only preseason and maybe it’s just smoke and mirrors but they seem to be in tune and healthy. Fudge you Eagles.

~rbman3 on Sep 1, 2015

Washington Skins

No we do not. The Eagles have the best defense in the division.

~Cadillactica on Aug 24, 2015

Chip Kelly signs RG3.

Only starts him two games per year. Guess which two.

~jrhooo on Aug 31, 2015

My theory: I think management (Dan & Bruce) wants that kind of system.

I’ve always believed Snyder was envious of the Andy Reid Eagles teams, where short passes often took the place of a running game. Those Eagles were the class of the division for most of the time Snyder has been owner, and whether or not he was correct, I suspect he viewed that style as QB-friendly, exciting for fans, and conducive to a high completion percentage. McNabb came into the league as a scrambler with a strong arm, and with time developed into a more complete qb. It’s a reasonable blueprint to aim for, but no two players, coaches or rosters are the same. If you had to try to identify Snyder’s offensive inspiration, the Andy Reid Eagles make a lot of sense.

~Triple O.G. on Aug 31, 2015

Dallas Cowboys

What would our record be without our Franchise QB? Yet the Eagles record has been 20-12 under chip and who is their Franchise QB?

Go ahead and sleep on the Eagles at your own peril. Just because GB/Seattle beat them easily last year doesn’t mean squat. Some teams just match up better against others.

~Densa on Sept 1, 2015

The Eagles scored more points per game last year then we did. With all of the injuries. They now have Bradford instead of Sanchez, Murray and Mathews instead of a strangely not that good McCoy, as long as no injuries an improved O-Line since they were all hurt last year. But the real difference is on defense, the Eagles will always be good on offense with Chip Kelly. The Eagles now may have the best front seven in the league and a much much improved secondary from the mess they had last year. They are a scoring machine, if their defense gets off the field they will be really really good.

~Boysfan9 on Sep 1, 2015

I must admit the Eagles look great regardless of the opponent!! Bradford has been very accurate and the RBs are insane!! Im very worried about the Eagles…..both games will probly be very close hard contested games. I now believe we will miss Murray…..I think week 2 Murray will be on a mission and I truly don’t see Dallas winning that game. Its imperative they beat New York or we will start out 0-2. I will say Dallas is the better team simply cuz our defense is so much better than last year and the offense is just as much of a juggernaut as Philly. Those two games will be decided by bad calls and turnovers. PLZ my fellow Cowboy fans don’t hate on me over a objective post.

~chrisvegas on Sep 1, 2015

Bradford is going to surprise BTBers this year.

It’s an unfortunate reality, but he is the best QB they’ve had in recent memory.

He is looking like a #1 pick.

~viciousphilpy on Sep 1, 2015

NFC North

Green Bay Packers

I so wanted to draft Jordan Matthews last year...

~BirdDogUni on Aug 29, 2015

"The first team defense hasn't looked great this preseason..."

What? It looked great for the first two games. It only looked bad against the Eagles.

~ArbyntheCh!3f on Sep 1, 2015

Bradford on the sideline...

Looking like a beast.

Yeah I said it… Come get me.

~JPlutte on Aug 29, 2015

Sproles is a nightmare matchup (hard stop). Anyone who isn’t a slot corner that’s used to covering little, shifty dudes is going to have issues with him. Barrington is a thumper and can cover the average RB.

Sproles is like when someone picks Oddjob in Goldeneye 64. It’s just not fair.

~Matub on Aug 30, 2015

Minnesota Vikings

Wow Green Bay is s***ing the bed against the Eagles

It’s kinda AWESOME.

~J-Dog: VikingsSuperFan on Aug 29, 2015

The Eagles have been torching everyone.

~UnBannedVikingholic on Aug 29, 2015

Chicago Bears

I thought it was a great trade from day one (Bradford for Foles).

Because Foles was not the answer and that team was still good. I’m shocked the Rams actually made that move. I just think Foles stats are good, but once you watch him play you see he is holding Chip’s offense back.

If Bradford is healthy, that offense should shine. He’s a talented QB who is smart enough to run Chips offense. Now that health question is a big IF. The [games] where Eagles continually had open WRs running down the field and Foles would either over/under throw them or just completely not see them. I’m not the only one who felt this way, as Chip was quick to get rid of him for a QB who seems to never be healthy.

I’m just saying, they lost their number 1 WR and as long as Bradford is healthy, they’ll have the best offense in the NFL. I expect them to be Super Bowl contenders. If I’m the only one who thinks this way, why would Eagles, a team who didn’t even make the playoffs, have the 4th best chance of winning the SuperBowl in vegas now?

~Bare Whether on Sep 1, 2015

Problem with Bradford is not talent, its health.

That Chip Kelly guy is crazy. Crazy like a fox that is. I love his unconventional way of doing things.

~luvfoozball on Aug 31, 2015

OK, we looked bad on Saturday.

But DAMN did Green Bay look one hell of a lot worse.

I watched them on GamePass, and saw their #1D get smoked for 32 in the first half by the stunning dynamic QB duo of Sam Bradford/Mark Sanchez.

I mean SMOKED. No contest. GB gave up a 39 spot in the first half (throw in a pick 6), it was as ugly of a performance as I have seen in years.

I watched the condensed version of the first half 4 times, it’s like watching re-runs of the three stooges.

~sabbath999 on Aug 31, 2015

Detroit Lions

I find it amazing that the Lions have never had back-to-back seasons with double digit wins. In their history. How is that possible?

Some folks were making fun of Chip Kelly’s moves this off-season in Philly. I had to wonder how any Lion fan can make fun of Chip Kelly? In each of his first two seasons as an NFL coach, he’s won 10 games. Something no Lions coach has ever pulled off. And this, without a serious QB.

Maybe this year the Lions will finally pull it off. Win double digits, two years in a row. But until it actually happens …

~Singledigit on Aug 24, 2015

New Orleans Saints

Iggles have pecked the Ravens to death tonight Eagles 30- Ravens 0

~Saintsfan820 on Aug 22, 2015

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

They better figure it out quickly.

First game against the Eagles will be a blow out if they don’t figure this OL out. Eagles defense and offense is no joke. They don’t allow defenses to substitute alot. They are destroying every team in preseason. They have Murray and Matthews that are looking real good. Darren Sproiles Splitting Outside as a receiver leaving 1 on 1 with linebackers. Defense is really good especially that front 7. Then is secondary they have Walter Thurmond, Byron Maxwell, Eric Rowe, and more. A major task for us not saying it’s not winnable but if the OL doesn’t improve we will get beat real bad at home in their opener. Sam Bradford is the most accurate QB in the league when healthy. He carved up Green Bay defense with ease. My roommate is an eagles fan that’s why I know a little about them. I have watched them last year’s and throughout the preseason. I left very impressed with all phases in there game. They had the best special teams last year. Top 5 offense and defense. Best field goal kicker last year. (Rookie)

~A-town 4life on Aug 31, 2015

The Eagles have looked ridiculously good this preseason.

~dirtybirds233 on Aug 29, 2015

Carolina Panthers

Eagles Offense will be challenging to slow down this year.

~coldironellis on Aug 29, 2015

The [Eagles] defense on paper looks much improved, now is the time to see the results.

The front 7 seven has the potential to be a top 5 unit. The secondary was their achilles hill last year, no more Brandon’ burnt toast’ and Carry’ loudmouth’ Willaims as the starting cornerbacks. The Eagles have a gotten a potential steal in getting Kiko A straight up for LeSean McCoy.

~adam carter on Aug 29, 2015

Eagles D, lol

Watch what they do in FF this year. I will try to play them against your team this year, Robert, when we match up, so you can get a closer look. I think they will be the top FF D at the end of the year.

~Panthster on Aug 30, 2015

Tampa Bay Bucs

My Pics


Eagles 12-4

Cowboys 8-8

Giants 6-10

Redskins 3-13

~JCDeLaTorre on Aug 21, 2015

In all honesty...

If Bradford stays healthy (which admittedly is a big if), he stands a good chance of crushing Cam’s fantasy numbers this year. Bradford’s a good fit for Chip Kelly’s offense, and has weapons everywhere (including 3 very good RBs and a quality offensive line), while Cam has basically Greg Olsen, and that’s about it.

Cam will still put up good points, but he’s not going to be a top-end starter.

~KRoa on Aug 28, 2015

When healthy he's a solid QB.

In that system he could be an incredible QB… if healthy. I’m not ready to put him over either QB just yet, but he certainly has the talent and scheme to make him a star this year.

~m.whit on Aug 31, 2015

Arizona Cardinals

Have you seen Seattle play so far? Their line makes our line look good.

It’s tough to say because it’s preseason but Seattle’s offense hasn’t looked sharp. If there is any team to worry about it’s the Eagles. Bradford and Co look freaking good.

~Jesse Reynolds on Aug 30, 2015

Seattle Seahawks

Other related things I don't like: The Eagles have THREE members of the original L.O.B. (even if one is Chris Maragos).

I know retaining Maxwell was impossible and Thurmond probably wasn’t going to happen again for various reasons but damn, I do not feel great about Cary Williams stepping in.

~StealthHawk on Aug 31, 2015

The Eagles have put 25 points on Green Bay in the first quarter.

Sam Bradford is looking Godly. They’re clearly doing it all wrong. The trick is to look rubbish, get nothing done, then slay when it matters.


~King Mob on Aug 29, 2015

San Fran 49ers

Yup. Look at other blogs. Many fan bases (including all four NFCW teams) saying their first team offense and/or QB looks like crap, their O-line looks like crap….even Tom Brady is not looking all that great. Many have their backups playing "better" than their starters (Cardinals too). This must have something to do with the nature of the third game in preseason.

The Eagles, though, they look really good. Denver also.

~neener9er on Aug 30, 2015

Just saw the Eagles-Pack highlights and wow, that Eagles OL is really, really impressive.

Sam Bradford looking calm, collected and impressive.

Which team has the best OL? Eagles, Pack, Broncos or the Pats?

~RaikkFan on Aug 29, 2015

What a boring game, I wish I watched the Eagles play and called it a day.

~Ni9er on Aug 29, 2014

Holy Crap

Sam Bradford’s stat line


3 TD’s

0 INT’s

~NYners on Aug 29, 2015

Think that's amazing?

Bradford went 10-10 with 3 TDs and a QB rating of about 157.


~WGXRT51 on Aug 30, 2015

Speaking of Bradford

I think the Rams are regretting the trade after that last game.

~TDevil200 on Aug 31, 2015

St. Louis Rams

Already knew that bradford > foles.

That trade was an act of desperation by fisher. He couldn’t risk bradford getting hurt and the Rams having yet another poor season, as this would likely lead to him getting fired. So he went with the less talented and less injury prone guy. Then he drafted a talented RB and a bunch of run blocking olinemen so he wouldn’t have to rely too much on foles.

~Buck Nasty87 on Aug 29, 2015

Sam Bradford: 10 for 10 (100%), 121 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT, 156.7 rating.

He just tied our entire preseason TD count from ALL our QBs in one game.

~NoAvailableCAP on Aug 29, 2015

And last but not least, the most recent Fanpost on Turf Show Times (The St. Louis Rams Page).

Bradford's Sellers' Remorse (Poll)

I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed making it.

We can all share the homerism together.

Because, you know, the eagles don't look bad at all.