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Sam Bradford gets pranked by Robert Griffin III in funny 'Heisman House' commercial

Sam Bradford videos seem to be all the rage lately. First it was the ridiculously amazing hype video featuring Rocky Balboa made by a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Now Bradford himself is actually seen starring in a new ad featuring the Nissan Heisman House. Watch the entire thing above this post.

Poor Sam. Mean ol' Robert Griffin III, who is somehow still being featured in commercials despite majorly falling out of favor in Washington, has Bradford believing there was an actual Hurricane coming to the Heisman House.

Something tells me this fictional setting is the only time Griffin is going to get the best of Bradford this season (or ever). Or maybe the two players will have a laugh about it if/when they are future teammates?!

In any case, it's just a little fun video. No harm done. Although, I've got to admit watching Bradford working with power tools and being up on a ladder can make one nervous considering his bad luck when it comes to injuries. Yikes.

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