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This Sam Bradford hype video featuring Rocky Balboa will get you pumped for the Eagles season like nothing else will

This is ridiculous. This is great.

The title of this post really says it all. What a truly amazing video.

Sam Bradford has suited up for the Philadelphia Eagles twice -- IN PRESEASON, mind you -- and there is already a hype video about him. And it's over four minutes long!

It's really amazing how far this has all come since the day the Eagles originally traded for Bradford. Remember how shocked and disappointed everyone was? Some emotional fans were calling it the "worst trade in NFL history." I clearly remember the Eagles' official Twitter account announcing the Bradford news and a ton of people responding "NO!!!!!!"

Since then, people have slowly talked themselves into Bradford, and for good reason. He's had heck of a training camp and an awesome preseason. There's legitimate reason to be excited.

But it's just so funny that Eagles fans are already dedicating videos to Bradford. WITH ROCKY BALBOA VOICE-OVERS! You can't say Eagles fans aren't passionate.

(Kudos to CHIPadelphia_Eagles for making this.)

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