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Falcons' William Moore fined $23,000 for illegal hit on Jordan Matthews

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Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons safety William Moore has been fined $23,000 for an illegal hit on Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews, according to a report from ESPN's Vaughn McClure.

"Atlanta Falcons strong safety William Moore told me he was fined more than $23,000 for his hit on Eagles receiver Jordan Matthews during Monday night's game. He plans to appeal. Moore received a warning letter from the NFL last season about his numerous illegal hits."

Here's a replay of the hit, which took place during the third quarter of Philadelphia's 26-24 loss to the Falcons.

Note that no flag was thrown on the play.

To Matthews' credit, he's pretty tough. Watch how he shook off that big hit like it was nothing. He was ready to move on to the next play:

The Eagles went on to score on this drive via DeMarco Murray touchdown, so the non-penalty didn't impact them in this case, but if Moore's being fined it's clear a flag should have been thrown.