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Eagles News: Jeffrey Lurie says criticism of Chip Kelly has been beyond ridiculous

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/12/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Why the Falcons will lose to the Eagles - BGN
That line, though. The Falcons will start a reserve journeyman at center, a formerly quality veteran who had a bad 2014 and just joined the team last week, and the completely uninspiring Chris Chester at right guard. Jake Matthews has been dealing with a back injury, as well, so he may not be truly 100%. The Falcons may have cobbled together a decent offensive line, but it's a massive question mark, Levitre is totally new to the team, and Mike Person has literally never started a game at center. I know the Eagles front seven is intimidating, and there's the potential that they'll be able to absolutely slice through this line. If Matt Ryan is scrambling, getting sacked, and being forced into mistakes, this team loses.

Jeffrey Lurie: Racism claims vs. Chip Kelly 'beyond ridiculous' - CSN Philly
“Some of it has just been beyond ridiculous," Lurie said. "Chip is a leader in our organization and he is held to a very, very high standard. I watch him relate to players. His door is always open. I’ve never even seen that before. He cares about the people, the players. I am just very proud and have complete respect for him as a person and as a coach. "Listen, LeSean and Tra are both really good alumni of our organization. People say things sometimes when they are in a sense rejected. They get dejected because they were rejected, and then they say things. I know the way Chip is, and I am very proud of the way he is."

Eagles' Sam Bradford opens up on why he wears his sleeves so long -
"I like to feel uninhibited," Bradford said. "When they are tight they rub on your arm."

The Ultimate Do-Over - Iggles Blitz
There is a lot of pressure on Bradford to produce. But for the first time since college, he finally has the right pieces in place to help him be a great QB…to lead a team to great things. There are no guarantees that Bradford will stay healthy or that the team will play up to its potential, but you can’t understand how good it must feel to be on a team with potential when you’ve spent your career surrounded with marginal talent. To those whom much is given, much is expected.

Eagles' Kiko Alonso’s past is no fairy tale - Daily News
IT WAS Nick Aliotti, then the Oregon defensive coordinator, who gave Kiko Alonso the nickname "Goldilocks." This had nothing to do with Alonso's blondish-brown curls. "That's a pretty funny story," Alonso acknowledged yesterday, before agreeing that, in fact, it is a funny story only by virtue of having receded very far in the rearview mirror of the linebacker who might turn out to be the Eagles' most significant defensive acquisition of 2015, cornerback Byron Maxwell notwithstanding.

Matt Ryan's family still roots for the Eagles — just not on Monday night - PhillyVoice
“I was raised in a huge family where family means everything,” said Matt, who was the third-overall pick in the 2008 draft and has become the face of the Falcons, entering his eighth season as Atlanta’s all-time passing leader. “We (family and friends) have a lot of fun with the Eagles-Falcons thing, but I know where my family and friend’s loyalties lie when we play the Eagles.”

Malcolm Jenkins: Preventing Big Plays - Birds 24/7
Malcolm Jenkins smiles, and then he begins to laugh. A reporter asks why the secondary did a better job of preventing big plays in the preseason compared to last year, and Jenkins looks as if he’s embarrassed to reveal the answer. “Honestly, the great thing about our front [seven] is they do a good job of keeping the ball off of us,” Jenkins said. “Rarely do we have to fly up and be aggressive in run support. They usually take care of it and give us the ability to focus solely on the pass.”

Bradford More Than Ready For Debut -
Sam Bradford is not ashamed to admit his excitement for Monday night at 7:10 p.m. when the Eagles kickoff against the Atlanta Falcons for the regular season debut. "You know, I said it the other day and I think that more than any other season opener, I’m probably more excited than ever just to be get back on the field. It’s something that I’ve been waiting a long time for. I didn’t get to do it last year so it’s been a while and I’m looking forward to it," Bradford said after practice on Friday. However, Bradford does not feel any added pressure or weight aside from his usual game-day nerves.

PFT Commenter meets his Internet Dad, Mike Florio - SB Nation
I flew out to West Virginia to visit with the internet's original NFL news maven, and steward of the web's best comment section: Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.


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