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Eagles News: Brandon Boykin says he'll miss Philadelphia fans the most

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 9/11/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Starting Fresh | Brandon Boykin Reflects On His Time In Philly - The Players Tribune
The thing I’ll miss most about Philly is the fans. I mean, they’re crazy. We were 4-12 my rookie year, and they still packed The Linc for every single game and made it one of the loudest, craziest stadiums in the NFL. How could you not love that kind of loyalty? Add in the fact that Philly was a great place to live and the whole city embraced me from the moment I got there, and I couldn’t have picked a better place to start my career. I loved every minute I spent there.

Our staff predicts the 2015 Eagles season - PhillyVoice
The Eagles have a chance to do something special this season. They have the best trio of running backs in the NFL, elite talent at the three most important spots along the OL, an overwhelming number of options in the passing game, pass rushers in numbers, a stingy run D, a very young and talented front seven, an improved secondary, and the best special teams units in the league.

Evolution of a play-caller - Inquirer
Chip Kelly walked into Disneyland, down Main Street, U.S.A., past Sleeping Beauty Castle, through Tomorrowland, and smack dab in front of Space Mountain. He did all this while playing imaginary games of football, as if he were on a field instead of in one of America's most popular amusement parks. Kelly didn't get on any rides. The roller coaster was in his mind and his companion was another coach.

Curry the LB - Iggles Blitz
This move happened for a couple of reasons. First, Marcus Smith didn’t have the kind of summer the team hoped for. After Travis Long went down, the Eagles needed Smith to show that he deserved to be on the field, as a LB and STer. Smith got hurt before he could show anything. I think the move also reflects the fact the coaches are happy with the backup DL. Taylor Hart had a terrific summer and showed that he needs to be on the field. Beau Allen had some great moments in the preseason finale. The team likes him. Brandon Bair isn’t everyone’s favorite since he’s a marginal player and an older guy, but the coaches like him.

Eagle Eye: Julio Jones Is A Lethal Weapon -
Although they play in (and failed to win) the division that most consider to be the worst in football, the Atlanta Falcons are still going to be a tough test on Monday night. Any team led by a veteran quarterback like Matt Ryan is going to be difficult to beat, as Greg Cosell pointed out this past weekend. Ryan will always put that team in position to win games, and he is the type of quarterback who can compensate for deficiencies elsewhere because of how far along he is mentally at this stage in his career. With a new coaching staff in Atlanta this year, this team will look a little bit different than in years past offensively, but there will be a lot of similarities. Kyle Shanahan-coached teams are always big on the stretch run game, and I imagine that they will try to establish themselves on the ground in the same way that his offenses did in Cleveland and before that in Washington.

Bill Davis: Secondary Will Be Tested Monday - Birds 24/7
As Bill Davis and the Eagles approach the regular season opener Monday, the defensive coordinator is dealing with a hand full of new players and shuffled positions. Between three new starters in the secondary, a few ill-timed injuries, and a defensive lineman playing linebacker, Davis has been tasked with making each of his pieces fit. After today’s practice, the third-year coach said he feels good about the makeup of his defense—for now.

What does Marcell Dareus' contract mean to Eagles' Fletcher Cox? -
Buffalo Bills' defensive tackle Marcell Dareus was a happy man Thursday. The Eagles' Fletcher Cox was smiling, too. Dareus signed a six-year contract with the Bills worth a total of $95.1 million, with guarantees totaling $60 million, 45 million of which he will receive within a year. Cox, who is signed through the 2016 season, knew the details of Dareus' contract as he sat at his locker after Thursday's practice. "That's a real nice deal,'' the Eagles' best defensive lineman said. How did he know so much about the deal? Cox and Dareus share the same agent, Todd France.

RG Andrew Gardner's consistency earned him financial security - CSN Philly
So when the Eagles announced earlier this week that they had signed Gardner to a three-year contract extension, a clear sign of their commitment to the veteran offensive lineman, beat writer Jeff McLane joked to Kelly that maybe now, finally, he could officially name Gardner the starter. It was funny, but Kelly didn’t even crack a smile. And still wouldn't admit that Gardner is indeed the starter. Although he did acknowledge that Gardner will start at right guard Monday night in the season opener in Atlanta. In any case, the Eagles did lock up Gardner on the eve of the 2015 season, adding three years to his contract and locking him up through 2018.

Power-Ranking the NFL’s Divisions - Grantland
2. NFC East - The over/under totals for the Cowboys and Eagles (9.5 for each) are more pessimistic than I am. If the Dallas offense can stay almost as healthy as it was a year ago, the Cowboys could easily put together 11 wins and take the division again. Meanwhile, Philadelphia’s strength is that outside the secondary, it’s better suited to deal with injuries than almost any team in the league. Chip Kelly showed what he could do last season with a combination of Mark Sanchez and Nick Foles and a piecemeal offensive line. There aren’t many outcomes in which the Eagles do worse than 9-7.

Football 101: Why Power Running Works - Grantland
While many think the term "power football" describes an attitude or perhaps even a formation, coaches actually use it to refer to something more technical: the Power-O and Counter Trey1 run plays, which most coaches simply call Power and Counter, and which are foundational running plays in the NFL and college football.

Hating the Patriots isn't what it used to be - SB Nation
The Patriots' history of cheating is at best fodder for writers and television folk to toy with, according to Noland. [Author's note: sorry, sorry, sorry]. Patrick Wall at SB Nation's Bleeding Green Nation, put the rebirth of Spygate in sadder terms. "You know when [your] really old relative with Alzheimer’s asks you how it’s going with that nice girl you’re dating? You know, when you have to say, 'Meemaw, she dumped me three years ago.' It’s kind of like that."


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