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Chip Kelly trolls Atlanta media by saying the Eagles only play fast so they can get the game over quicker

This is classic Chip.

The 2015 NFL season hasn't even officially started yet and Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is already in mid-season form. Check out this clip from his interview with the Atlanta media on Thursday (hat tip to @JoshPaunil):

Q: What is your theory behind the tempo attack and how best it should work?

Chip Kelly: We are just trying to get the game over quicker.

Q: But, anything football-wise?
You know, other than getting the game over quicker.

Chip Kelly: That's it. It's all for the fans.
We just want the game to get over quicker.
People shouldn't be paying a lot of money to watch guys stand around.

Q: No football reasons, though?

Chip Kelly: Not really.

Yep, that certainly sounds like the Chip Kelly we all know. Something tells me the Atlanta writers aren't hoping to see the Falcons face off against the Eagles again any time soon.

And speaking of offensive pace:

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